Reminder Tomorrow is League Night!

Get down to Main Street Amusements and enjoy some competitive pinball tomorrow night at 7:30. The games for week 2 are below. I recommend getting there early and staying late to check out the newest addition to MSA, Total Nuclear Annihilation from Spooky pinball. For those of you unfamiliar with the game it is brand new, but it harkens back to the days of old with an 80’s inspired layout, lock stealing, and simple rules….at the same time it is in your face with 100% color changing RGB LEDs and an incredible sound system and custom music to match! The game was specifically designed to be played with friends so you can steal the multiball from each other and talk trash. Travel from the future to the past to destroy nuclear reactors to save the future….yep I think that sums it up. We will add it to league soon, but for this week just enjoy it!

lpl winter 2018 week 2 gamestna

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