Indiana IFPA State Championships

This past Saturday the Indiana IFPA State Championships were hosted at Centerpoint Brewing in Indianapolis. The location there is managed by Bud Sommerville and provides the best place to grab a pint and play some pins in the state’s capital. Bud did an amazing job of having the games in tournament condition and bringing in several others so that we had emergency backups and still room for the general public to play as well. We can’t thank the location and operator enough for all their help in making this event run smoothly.

The bracket featured 10 Hoosiers and 6 out of state competitors this year. By the semi-finals, no Hoosiers remained as we have to wait another year to reclaim our state’s title. In the end, a hard-fought series came down to ball 3 of game 7 on Game of Thrones between former Indiana Champion Brad Smith, and last year’s Minnesota Champion Fred Richardson. Fred was able to overcome Brad’s comeback attempt to clinch his second state title in a row. The winner’s bracket is shown below, and the full bracket is available in the spreadsheet below that. Congrats to Fred, and thank you to everyone who showed up and participated in the tournament!


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