Path of Play Charity Tournament!

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As many of you know I spent some time working in at Cornerstone Autism Center a few years ago as an ABA Therapist. The experience made a large impact on my life and it remains something very important to me. An opportunity to help out children with Autism has presented itself through the Path of Play charity. The main idea behind the organization is simple, use games to help those on the spectrum socialize. Social skills are one of the biggest struggles for those on the spectrum, and Path of Play is organizing events that bring these individuals together to literally play games and socialize. They are also fundraising to help provide games for Autism centers and donating to individual families to help with the expense of therapy for their children.

In an attempt to help I have organized a pinball tournament to raise money for the organization. The event will take place April 29th at North End Pub in Lafayette, Indiana. The event will encompass three different tournaments all taking place simultaneously. You can play in any or all of the events that is totally up to you. If you would like to make a donation before the event, or in lieu of attending the event you may do so here.

There will be a launch party style tournament for Total Nuclear Annihilation. $10 entry fee + coin drop with $5 going to Path of Play, and $5 going to the prize pool.  Unlimited attempts. Top 8 make the finals.

There will be a Main Charity Tournament featuring modern games. $10 entry fee + coin drop with $5 going to Path of Play, and $5 going to the prize pool. Unlimited attempts, 7 games featured, best 4 games count towards final standings. Top 8 make the finals, if more than 24 players participate top 12 will make the finals.

Lastly, there will be a Classics Tournament. $10 entry fee with games on free play, $5 going to Path of Play, and $5 going to the prize pool. Top 4 make the finals. Limited qualifying of 15 attempts. 4 machines used in the tournament, best 3  games count towards final standings.

All coin drop from the tournament will also be donated to Path of Play that day.

Tournaments will all start at 11 AM with different ending times so that players who choose to play in all three tournaments can fully participate in finals of each if they qualify. North End Pub has food and drinks available as well and is attached to Market Square Lanes Bowling Alley if you want to bring along friends and family who don’t care to play pinball but may enjoy some bowling. Hope to see a lot of you there! Any questions please let me know.

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