REMINDER Winter League Finals Tomorrow @ 7:30!

Yep, I know, we are a full week into Spring at this point but good old Mother Nature was nice enough to dump a few inches of snow on us as a reminder that we have Winter League Finals tomorrow night at Main Street Amusements! Same start time as normal 7:30 PM. We have 12 players who qualified to participate in finals by playing in at least half of the weeks of the season. The top 6 players are in the A division, the next 6 are in the B division.

Same format as previous seasons each matchup will be a best of 3 with higher seed having the choice of game or position for game 1, lower seed for game 2, and back to higher seed for game 3. Double elimination for both A & B in the winners and losers brackets. Brackets are posted below based on all participants showing up. There is a $10 entry fee for each division with payouts for the top 2 of each division. $40 to 1st place and $20 to 2nd place.

If a player from A division doesn’t show up, the highest seed in B division has the option to move up to the A bracket. We do have tiebreakers that must be played out before finals start Matt vs. Dan & Danielle vs. Michael. See everyone tomorrow night!

lpl winter 2018 A division finals bracketlpl winter 2018 B division finals bracket


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