THANK YOU! Path of Play Day Charity Tournament A Huge Success!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and played in our Path of Play Day tournaments at North End Pub yesterday! Special thanks go out to all the following people as well; Sam and Casey Taylor for allowing us to have games at North End Pub and for working the bar and kitchen all day to keep players from dehydrating or getting cramps from an empty stomach. Big thank you to Alex Harmon and Mark Uncapher for bringing their Fire Tablets to help with scorekeeping. Dan St. John for providing an emergency repair to get Fathom up and running for the tournament, a simple oversight by me as a terrible tech, but without his experienced eyes, we would have been down an awesome machine. Also, limitless gratitude to my friend Daane Blouw for the amazing restoration he did on the Fathom machine. That will be the last planned public appearance of that game as I’m going to lock it up in a vault so I hope you all truly appreciated getting to see it and play it. A huge huge huge thank you to Kate Broadbooks, Timm Parker, John Hawxby, Tom Vandenberg, Matt Peace, and Keith Alyea  who all gave up a lot of time and helped enter scores throughout the day, and I’m sure almost everyone took a minute to help enter scores for another player at some point during the day. Tournaments can’t happen without this contribution from everyone so again thank you. Travis Martin who came up all the way from Southern Indiana and played in his first tournament ever. Mike Burgess who donated Fort Wayne Wizard’s World Swag and Double Danger Pinball who provided the amazing plaques for the TNA Launch Party.

At the conclusion of the tournament, we had raised $335 in cash from entry fees and donations. I emptied all the coin boxes last night and I will run that to the bank today to get a grand total for our donation to Path of Play. My goal was for us to raise $500 as a community yesterday and I think we are going to easily surpass that tally.

I hope that everyone who came had an enjoyable time and a positive experience. If there are ever any suggestions for changes or improvements please let me know. I will get results uploaded to the IFPA tomorrow so check out all those delicious WPPRs later this week. Again, thank you to all of you for coming out and playing pinball fora great cause!



Path of Play TNA

TNA Launch Party Champion Alex Harmon, Runner-Up Jason Werdrick, Third Place Adam Peacock, and Fourth Place Dan St. John.

Path of Play Classics

Classics Champion Jason Werdrick, Runner-Up Adam Peacock, Third Place Matt Peace, and Fourth Place (not pictured) Mark Uncapher.

Path of Play B finals

Main Tournament B-Division Champion Chuck Jackson, Runner-Up Mark Uncapher, Third Place Travis Lancaster, and Fourth Place Phil Mowers.

Path of Play main

Main Tournament A-Division Champion Alex Harmon, Runner-Up Tommy Skinner, Third Place Adam Peacock, and Fourth Place Bob Twitchell. 



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