Reminder Week 2 of Spring League Tomorrow @ 7:30 PM!

Just your friendly reminder that we have Week 2 of Spring League at Main Street Amusements tomorrow at 7:30PM! Games are below, it is outer space week…assuming Magnotron is a space creation of some sort.

LPL spring 2018 week 2 games

Also, a reminder that this Sunday over at North End Pub (formerly Jerilee’s Pub) we are having a charity pinball tournament with several different events all running at once.

PATH of Play tournament with entry fee.jpg

“Sunday, April 29th, North End Pub will host a mega event starting at 11 AM (ignore the noon on the flyer)! Included will be a Total Nuclear Annihilation Launch Party, the Main Tournament, and a Classics side tournament! On top of all of this, we will be raising money for Path of Play, an organization that uses the playing of games to help those with Autism learn social skills. If you would like to make a donation sooner please feel free to do so. TNA and Classics will just have one finals, the main tournament will have both A & B finals.

The entry fee for each tournament is $10, from this $5 goes to the prize pool and $5 is donated directly to Path of Play. TNA and the Main Tournament bank will all be on coin drop still, and all coin drop collected that day will be donated to Path of Play as well. The classics side tournament will be on free play but is a limited qualifying event of only 15 attempts per person across the 4 machines. Top 8 make the finals for TNA. Top 8 make the finals for Classics. Top 8 make the finals for the Main Tournament, unless we have more than 24 players in which case we will expand it to 12 players for the finals.”

TNA Launch Party runs from 11 AM – 4 PM top 8 make the finals, plaques for top 3, prize $ top 4.

Classics Side Tournament from 11 AM -5 PM top 8 make the finals, Mug Trophies top 2, # top 4.

Main Tournament from 11 AM – 6PM top 8 make the finals (will expand if more than 24 players total), will also have B division finals. Mug Trophies top 2 in A & B, $ top 4 in A.

The goal is for all tournaments to be completed by 9 PM. After that, we plan to watch WWE The Greatest Royal Rumble Network Special anyone is welcome to hang out and enjoy that as well. North End Pub has food and drinks available.

For more information about Path of Play check out their website and watch the video below!

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