The Grudge Tournament 7/12/2018 at North End Pub!

This Thursday we will have a tournament at North End Pub called The Grudge that has a unique format.

the grudge japanese GIF

Pinball finger exercises I assume…

We will play group matchplay for 2 hours of qualifying (7 PM – 9 PM), using automatic tie breaking in Matchplay. Any ties that can not be broken automatically will be done via a 1 ball playoff. Concluding qualifying the top seed will get to choose their opponent, the machines will be drawn at random. They can choose anyone to play. After they have chosen the next highest seed will pick, and so on down the line. They will play a one game do or die match, winner moves on, loser is out. We will play until there is only one player left standing. Trophies for the top 3 finishers. No cost to enter, coin drop still required for machines. Everything is priced $.25-$.75, with the vast majority at $.50. Hope a lot of you can make it down.

The Event starts at 7 PM and I expect it to finish by 11 PM at the latest. Should be a fun time. North End Pub has great food and drinks so come thirsty and hungry!

Image result for the grudge



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