North End Pub Selfie Tournament October 2018, Starts Next Monday!

You have until Sunday night to get some scores in on Iron Maiden and Prospector for the Selfie Tournament! Remember by even playing one game on either and submitting a score you will earn yourself WPPR (World Pinball Player Ranking click here to search for your name and rank) Points and the chance to play for state, national, and world titles.

With that being said I figured I would give you a preview of the games for October!

Thanks to Michael Alexander we will be able to bring an oldie but goodie to North End Pub and it will match the decor perfectly, it’s OLD CHICAGO! Michael brought this game back from the dead and now it will be at North End Pub bringing to you the enjoyment of the Roaring 1920’s in the form of gangster John Dillinger, his beautiful ladies, prohibition, booze, money, cars, and more! The game can be hard, but is always a good time! Wait until you hear the 100,000 point buzzer go off for the first time! Shoot the spinner and targets to spell out OLD CHICAGO for a huge bonus!

Image from iOS.jpg

Click the Photo to see Gameplay Video

What should we pair up with a legendary gangster? How about some legendary rockers! Metallica will be the second game featured for our Selfie Tournament in October! I added everyone in who already played in this month’s tournament so entering your scores should be a piece of cake.

This tournament will start next Monday and run all the way through the 31st (Halloween Night)! And remember to keep getting those scores in for Iron Maiden and Prospector through Sunday night!


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