Week 6 Results, Week 7 & 8 Game Selection

Here are the full results and standings after week 6 of Lafayette Pinball League Season!

Week 6 Results.PNG

At this point, we have played every game at MSA at least once this season, please complete this survey by next Monday for the games you most want to play in week 7 & 8. The 10 games that get the most votes will be chosen.

Also, 100% of the respondents from yesterday’s question about switching to weekly tournaments to end the year or doing another league season chose instead to do weekly tournaments. Starting October 30th we will now be doing a weekly tournament on Tuesday evenings instead of traditional league play. I have submitted it to the IFPA at this time. Most likely we will be doing group knockout format (strikes), and not using certain games that are known for their long ball times.

There are also several tournaments schedule at North End Pub on Sunday, October 28th so be sure to mark your calendars for that date.

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