Lafayette Pinball This Week!

Monday: Make-up Monday at North End Pub, if you missed last Thursday come to get your scores in tonight! I know we have at least 6 people playing this evening, bring a few more friends to come and try it out as well! 8 PM approximate start time.

Tuesday: Lafayette Pinball League at Main Street Amusements, 7:30 PM start time!

Wednesday: FREE PLAY Wednesday at North End Pub, all games are on free play for the night. Come down and use those quarters you are saving to buy a pitcher and some pizza from the bar!

Thursday: League Night at North End Pub! Approximate start time 8PM.

Sunday: September Selfie League finals for the top 8 qualifiers. Tommy, Kim, John, Tom, Matt, Michael (can’t attend), Casey, Kyle, & Danielle (filling in as the 9th seed for a missing Michael). We will plan to play around 4PM and do a 4 player group 4 strike format. Hope to see you all then! (TIME SUBJECT TO CHANGE, WILL KEEP ALL PLAYERS NOTIFIED!)

Old Chicago has been added to the lineup at North End Pub! Prospector is taking some time off to recover from its busy month of selfie tournament play. Flash Gordon was also added but still needs lots of work so don’t get your hopes up too quickly, it should be playing great soon.

Also, today is the start of October’s Selfie Tournament. The games are Metallica and Old Chicago. Play either game and take a picture of the score and submit it here! Follow the standings here all month to see how you are doing, make it to the top 8 to play in the finals! Here are some tutorials to help you score big on either game.

Here are the current North End Pub Pinball League standings before the Make-Up Monday scores are added in tonight.

Week 4 Standings

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