Final Team League Standings!

The regular season has ended for Team League and next week all teams will play in a battle for finishing placement. The full stats for the season are below.
Team League Standings.PNG

The Championship Match next week will be #1 seed Pindemonium Zwei! vs. #2 seed Region Rats, winners will have their names permanently etched into THE CUP!


#3 seed RIP Tommy B. will battle #4 seed, and former champions, Super Jackpots.

#5 seed Doom Room will face #6 seed Pull and Pray (ironic name based on recent announcements), to not place last in the league!

This will also be the last day of the month so get in those Selfie Tournament scores on The Shadow and Monster Bash as well!

I want to personally thank everyone who has come out and participated this season. It has been a ton of fun seeing everyone compete and still have a good time on Thursdays. Although next week will be the final week of team league, we will be starting up our next individual season on March 7th. Anyone is welcome to play in that as well.

Lastly, just a small reminder that this Sunday at 4 PM we have our monthly 4-Strikes Tournament! Just a $1 entry fee + coin drop to play in the tournament. Everyone is welcome to come and play.

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