Let’s Get Ready to Rumbleeeeeee!!!!!!!


Tonight is the Championship of Team League! Playing for The Cup is Pindemonium Zwei vs The Region Rats! The winning team will have them names permanently etched into the record books as well as onto The Cup!

RIP Tommy B vs the Super Jackpots will settle the placement for 3rd.

While the Doom Room and Pull & Pray will determine who sits at the bottom of the barrel for the next year. Team League will start around 8:15 as usual. Food and drinks are available all night at the bar, and fun is to be had by all!

Team League Standings

We also have a new machine to play! Say goodbye to TNA, and hello to Split Second! Split Second is a rare Stern Electronics widebody game designed by the legendary Harry Williams who designed games starting in 1932 all the way up to this one, his last production design in 1982. He worked on over 100 games during that time span. The game features an upper and lower playfield, 4 flippers, 11 drop targets, a timed U-turn shot, a ramp, springboard upper playfield exit, and a 3-ball multiball…the best part is it is only $.25 per game and will be one of our Selfie Tournament games for March which kicks off a day early, so put up those scores tonight! Hopefully, we should be adding another new game this weekend as well, World Cup Soccer! If we are able to get it set up this weekend we will make that our other Selfie Game for March.

Image result for world cup soccer pinballImage result for split second pinball


Also here are the updated standings for the February Selfie Tournament featuring The Shadow and Monster Bash. The top 8 players after tonight get invited to play in the 4 strikes finals tournament on Monday, March 4th at approximately 6 PM. Tonight is your last chance to get scores in for the tourney so enter one!

NEP February Selfie Standings


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