FREE PLAY! FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY! League Night Tomorrow! New Game Day Tomorrow!

All the FREE PINBALL you can handle at North End Pub tonight!!!! Take pictures of your scores on Stars, Prospector, and Metallica for this month’s selfie tournament! Current standings are below.

NEP April Standings

Also, thanks to Mark we are going to be getting Spooky a little bit early this year as tomorrow we will have the arrival of one of the rarest pinball machines in existence America’s Most Haunted! Only 150 of these exist, with this one being the 18th to be placed in a public location and shared with pinball players!

Image result for america's most haunted pinball flyer

The first game is manufactured by Spooky Pinball out of Wisconsin, designed by electronics genius Ben Heck, and featuring the funniest callouts in pinball machine history. If you ever wanted to hunt ghosts in a pinball machine this is the game for you! Featuring a drunken bar lady ghost, a civil war ghost, a mad doctor ghost, and many more! Additionally check out Things that Go Bump in the Night: The Spooky Pinball Story, a full-length documentary made by my friends Dana and Joel Reeves that gives you all the details about how this machine came to exist, available on Amazon and Vimeo.

You can also see the game in progress of being built by Ben Heck on his YouTube show along with all sorts of other cool videos that he has done.


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