League Standings UPDATE!

Here are the updated standings for Pinball League! Remember that this is the first year we have unified with other pinball leagues from around the state to form the Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League (HOPS).

North End Pub will be sending our top 4 players to go and battle for the HOPS Championship in Indianapolis at Boss Battle Games on May 4th! Just one month away! We have 3 weeks left to move and shake your way up the standings. If I end up in the top 4 for the season I will not be able to attend the tournament so the next highest qualifier from North End Pub could then attend instead.

NEP League week 5 winter 2019

Additionally, we will have our own finals tournament at North End Pub for everyone who participated in the league this season and the winner will get the distinction of winning the new North End Pub Championship Belt!

You can always check out the HOPS League website as well and see how you are doing compared to all the rest of the players from around the state. You will want to look at the adjusted points and not the total points as that will show you where you stand with the two lowest weeks dropped.

Thank you to everyone who has been playing this season, hopefully, this will continue to grow and being an even bigger success throughout the year!

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