Updated League Standings!

A huge thanks to everyone who came out for league night last night, I hope you had a blast! Here are the updated league standings as of week 6, but remember we still have Make-Up Monday so things could shift a bit with those players getting their scores in. You can also check out the Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League page to see how you are doing compared to players from around the state!

week 6 highlighted

If your name is highlighted (Keith, Zach DeWitt, Danielle, and Brett)  you are currently qualified to play in the HOPS League Championships! This takes place Saturday, May 4th in Indianapolis at Boss Battle Games! The event should last roughly from 1PM-6PM, and include the top 16 players from around the state duking it out for pinball supremacy!

Now, remember with two weeks of play left to go there is still time for a lot of moving and shaking in the standings, get down to North End Pub and practice before next week’s league night! Don’t forget to submit Selfie scores while you are there for Stars, Metallica, and Prospector as well.

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