Bad News and GREAT NEWS!

Unfortunately, there will be no FREE PLAY Wednesday this week, I will be out of town today for a pinball tournament and won’t be able to get the machines switched over. Goldeneye is still on free play but everything else will take a few quarters tonight, sorry for any inconvenience. Still feel free to submit those selfie scores on Metallica, Stars, & Prospector. That is it for the bad news.

Now for the GREAT NEWS! Tomorrow we have The 3rd Annual Henry House Bowling Benefit!  This event helps out our good friend Henry! It starts at 6 PM and when it concludes we will still have our regular night of league pinball. Mark and I are going to donate all the coin drop from the pinball machines tomorrow night to the charity event as well so get in there early & stay late so we can make a nice big donation while having a lot of fun playing pinball.

Also, there are only two weeks of the league season left, and the Championship League Belt will be on display tomorrow night so you can all see what you are looking to battle for! Remember the top 4 players from our location get invited to play in Indy on May 4th for the SUPER LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP! A custom trophy has just been ordered for this as well that the champion will get to keep until the next season of finals.

Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!

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