League Night! Last Night of the Season! Tournament Next THURSDAY!

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step on up! Come and battle it out with your friends for the final spots in the league finals taking place in Indianapolis on May 4th at Boss Battle Games in Castleton Mall!

Here are the standings for the league; Keith, Zach DeWitt, Brett, and Danielle look like they will be representing North End Pub at the finals event in Indianapolis on May 4th, but Sam, Casey, Ed and Michael are all still in striking distance. We will play at the regular time tonight of 8:30 so get to North End Pub early for some practice.

Week 7 standings

Next Thursday we will have a tournament night to crown the champion of our location. Your placement for the season will seed you for the tournament but anyone can still win and claim the ultimate prize…

NEP Title Belt.jpeg


Silver plates over luxurious red leather! Wear it with pride until our next season which starts up in June! Who will be the first Champion!?

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