Make-Up Monday!

If you happened to have missed league last Thursday get down there for Make-Up Monday tonight! 8:30 start time per usual. Also, remember this Thursday is the last night of the season, week 8! We will still have Make-Up Monday next week as well as I know several players are traveling out of town this Thursday for a pinball show.

Lastly, get ready for the return of Flash Gordon! After traveling up to Pinball at the Zoo in Kalamazoo, MI this weekend the game will be coming back to North End Pub! Freshly restored with a huge thank you going out to Michael Alexander for doing a ton of work on this machine! It is going to play fast and brutal so have your quarters ready!

If anyone is curious about Pinball at the Zoo it is an awesome show, lots of games to play, a tournament running the whole time, and usually some pretty good deals on games and or parts. I strongly encourage anyone to attend and lots of good breweries in the area of the show as well.


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