PINQUEST Comes to North End Pub!


What is Pinquest?

  • Well, Pinquest is an app that will allow you to create a profile and then see if there are pinball locations nearby that have challenges for you to partake in.

Why do I care?

  • Because North End Pub just became the latest location to join Pinquest and the only location within 100 miles that is a member!

So what?

  • Well, you can partake in the quests and earn awesome trophies, badges, and even real prizes on occasion! Plus it offers a new way for you to brag to your friends about how you are just better than them!

Pinquest Player FAQ (1).png

So to start with this first week we will have 3 quests. Check out the app, create your profile, and see if you can complete our quests! Completion of each quest will earn you a custom badge for your profile. See if you can become the King or Queen of North End Pub’s pinball scene!

NEP pinquest

More quests to come every week so stay tuned!







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