I’m back to teaching which means I’m back in town on Wednesdays now! All the machines down at North End Pub will be set to Free Play!


Order a pizza, get yourself a beer, and enjoy a long night of pinball fun!

Also, and I cannot stress this enough, sign up for an account at and start taking on our weekly challenges.


Right now we have two Quests LIVE!

  1. Get Dat Pizza – Score 750,000 on Flash Gordon, 650,000 on prospector, and 250,000,000 on Iron Maiden and you win a large 1-topping pizza of your choice! But again only if you register on
  2. Rock the Boat- This one is going to be hard! Get on Fish Tales, start the Rock the Boat mode, and get a new high score by shooting the boat as many times as you can in the mode! If you complete this quest you earn the Jaws Captain Quint Trophy! This will be the first of our many virtual trophies, win enough trophies and get entered into drawings for large prizes at a future date!


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