Ha, Ha, HALLOWEEN is coming!!! October Selfie Tournament begins today! Flipper Frenzy tournament Wednesday 6 PM! FREE!

Halloween season is upon us and we are celebrating at North End Pub pinball by bringing you ghosts, vampires, and monsters! The October selfie games are America’s Most Haunted, Bram Stroker’s Dracula, and Godzilla! AMH and Godzilla are at the bar, and BSD will be making its way down there tonight. Put up as many scores on the games as you can all month long for a chance to play in the finals the first Monday of November.

Here are some tips for Godzilla and Dracula.

Also remember that Wednesday night we will have a short flipper frenzy tournament before the debut of AEW Dynamite on TNT, the tourney will start at 6 PM and end right at 8PM so we can watch the entire show!!


Lastly, see everyone at league on Thursday! 8:30 PM start time like usual!

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