League Night @ 8:30 and NEW PINQUEST Challenges for October!

Oh you know it’s your favorite day of the week as we hit week 5 of our fall season get down to North End Pub and play in the pinball league! Anyone is still welcome to come and join for the second half of the season. Free to join and only costs a could of dollars in quarters to play the games on league night.


Also, remember we always have Pinquests running at our location! It’s a new month, and we have added lots of new machines to the bar so we figured why not have some new challenges.

  1. Do Not Pass GO! – Monopoly – The challenge is to score 6 million points. If you do log in to your Pinquest account, snap a picture of your score, and win a monopoly piece and be entered into a drawing to win an actual Monopoly game at the end of the month! – This challenge is live starting on October 3rd! mr monopoly.jpg
  2. Size Does Matter! – Godzilla – The challenge is to score 200,000,000 points! Yes, this is a fairly tough challenge, but you win an awesome Godzilla Egg that contains an action figure and enters you into a drawing to win a Blu-ray copy of the 1998 Godzilla film that the pinball machine is based on! This challenge is limited to only 10 winners, once the eggs are gone they are gone and we will draw the winner from those names! Godzilla egg.jpg
  3. Love Never Dies!- Bram Stoker’s Dracula (BSD) – The challenge is to score 75,000,000 points and if you do win a sweet Halloween sticker as my favorite holiday and season is upon us!                                                                                             halloween stickers
  4. As always we are still running our Get Dat Pizza Challenge on Iron Maiden, Prospector, and Flash Gordon. You can also still win stickers on the Jurassic Park and Fish Tales challenges as well. Come and check it out!

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