Too Sweet Tuesdays! Coming in Two Weeks!

too sweet Tuedays flyerSTARTS NOVEMBER 5th!

Two weeks from today we are kicking off Too Sweet Tuesdays! What is that you ask? Well, it is quite simple, its a Flipper Frenzy pinball tournament running from 7:00-8:30 PM on Tuesday nights at Market Square Lanes! Why not in the North End Pub where we always have our tournaments? Well, let me answer that question for you. We have expanded to having 10+ machines in Market Square Lanes now and most importantly by hosting it on that side of the business, we can make our Tuesday night events open to all ages! So any of you who have some kids you want to get out of the house and playing/ doing something where they have to interact with other humans this is a great opportunity! Also, it gives us a chance to show pinball to some people in a new environment as well. The games on that side of the building are Bobby Orr’s Power Play, World Cup Soccer, Monopoly, Indianapolis 500, Flintstones, Star Wars, Baywatch, Dale Jr. Nascar, Judge Dredd, and WWF Royal Rumble. There will be no entry fee required just the coin drop. The format will keep us moving and playing for the whole 90 minutes and you know exactly how much time you will be committing to the event unlike many of our other formats. I’d estimate it will cost $5-$8 in coin drop for the tournament as all games will be set to $.25 or $.50 cents, and we should be able to get everyone 10-15 games in a night. The winner will be the person with the best win/loss difference and we will have prizes for 1st and last place! After the tournament feel free to stick around and get in some practice or to head to the bar to try out our amazing lineup in there as well.


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