Free Play Wednesday!

You know what day it is! Get down to North End Pub for FREE PINBALL ALL NIGHT LONG! This is a great time to get in some practice before our last night of league play tomorrow, and also to put up as many attempts as you want for the October Selfie Tournament. Those games are America’s Most Haunted, Dracula, and Godzilla! 8 days left this month to put up those scores.

As October starts to wind down let’s get our pinball calendars marked up for November! Every week in November we will have Too Sweet Tuesdays with a tournament in Market Square Lanes from 7-8:30 PM, open to all ages and skill levels, no entry fee, just quarters for the machines which should be $5-$8 for the night total. Then each Thursday at 8:30 PM we will have events going as well.

North End Pub Pinball November Events (3).png

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