Finals Night Thursday, Dec. 3rd 8:30-10:00 PM FLIP FRENZY

Hey Everyone! Thanks for an awesome season. We are going to try something a bit different for the finals this week and go with a timed Flip Frenzy for 90 minutes. You get 1 point added to your season total for every win you can get in the 90 minutes. This should keep everyone playing the whole time instead of our usual bracketed format that takes longer and has people sitting around. If you have played at any point during the season you are welcome to come out and participate in the finals event. We will stick with the games that are in the bar to help speed things up as well. So come ready to flip! Below are the final standings from the regular season. We finished with 28 people playing in at least one week, and a little over half of that number as players that would have counted if we had run an actual IFPA formated season. See everyone Thursday night!

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