Sorry for the late news but my girlfriend has tested positive for Covid-19 so I will be quarantined for the next two weeks. Contact tracing as put her as having most likely caught it from a student at her school. I have remained symptom free and have isolated at home as best as possible but we are not taking any chances and are following CDC protocol at this time.

We will tentatively plan to host the event now on Dec. 17th pending everything. Pencil it in on the calendars for now and I will update everyone over the next week or so.

North End Pub and Market Square Lanes remain open and our games remain sanitized with SD-90. Please continue to mask up and sanitize often. Right now we are fortunate that I have no symptoms, and she has only lost her sense of smell and other wise feels fine, but we fully recognize this virus impacts everyone differently so do your best to stay safe and we hope to see you all again very soon. Keep flipping! -Tommy

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