Flipper Frenzy League Finals Thursday at 8:30 PM! 12/17/20

Just in case you didn’t see the facebook post we will be having a 90 minute Flipper Frenzy Finals on Thursday night at North End Pub. We will get started as close to 8:30 as possible and finish at 10:00.

In Flipper Frenzy you just play against one opponent and the play is basically non-stop for the time limit. You will get one point added to your season total for each win. If you are being beaten badly you can make the choice to forfeit, or if you are winning big and you don’t think your opponent can catch you could just plunge away a ball to make the game go faster and get into your next match quicker.

We will limit the games to just the bar side in order to help keeps things going fast that night. I also have a small Christmas / Thank You gift for those of you who played in league this season that should be delivered in time for Thursday. I hope many of you can make it! See you Thursday!

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