Pinball League Night 8:30 North End Pub! Anyone Can Play!

Tonight marks the halfway point in our season! Anyone can still join, and it will barely impact you in the standings anyway since you drop your two lowest weeks anyway! Anyone is welcome as always come early, stay late, and have fun. If you have questions about games ask and someone will be there ready to help you out as we are all about getting better and having fun while we play. Food and drinks available as always, see everyone tonight!

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Here are the current standings, I have it organized by our weekly average so you can get a good idea of who you will be playing with tonight based on attendance, but also see your overall ranking on the far left. Any questions just let me know!

RankingNameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total (2 weeks dropped)Overall TotalWeekly Average
2Matt Peace202426267023.33333333
6Kyle Gartland22222222
1Bob Twichell2814284221
8Keith Alyea182018205618.66666667
3Michael Alexander IN22825255518.33333333
6Tommy Skinner221614225217.33333333
8Austin Hill142018205217.33333333
4Rick Dunkin241610245016.66666667
4Casey Taylor122414245016.66666667
11Dan Trapp181416184816
11Ryan Garriott1814183216
10Christina Wilson161019194515
14Brett Maxwell141416164414.66666667
11Danielle Alexander12187183712.33333333
15Andy Milam13131312
17Curtis Jarrard12121212
15John Hawxby481313258.333333333
18Chris Gartland8888
19David Linder7777
Standings after Week 3

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