League Night! 8:30 PM at North End Pub! Week 5!

Hey everyone! It’s the best day of the week again! Get on down to North End to enjoy some pinball with your friends. Everyone is welcome to join the league at any point as it is just casual and fun. Here are the interim standings as we await the results of one set of make up games from last week. Remember we are paired up by our weekly averages and not the overall standings as well. AGAIN THESE ARE NOT FINAL STANDINGS FOR WEEK 4! Don’t panic if you don’t see your points yet they will be in there before we start tonight.

Also our newest addition to the lineup at North End Pub should be getting delivered today! Butterfly by Sonic, this should make a great companion piece to go along with Prospector which I know is a fan favorite at our location. We also got notice that our Guns N’ Roses should be ready very soon and we sent in the last payment for it a few days ago, we are definitely going to have some sort of a launch party when that thing arrives!

Butterfly Playfield
Butterfly Flyer, Front

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