Thank You!

Just wanted to again give a huge thank you to everyone who came out and played in the tournament at North End Pub yesterday. That was the most people we have had for a tournament in awhile and I really appreciate everyone taking the time to travel and spend the day flipping the games down there. I hope everyone had a good time and will be back for our next tournament on March 28th! There were a ton of really close games yesterday and I hope everyone got to try out some new machines they hadn’t seen before. Here are the final standings from yesterday.

1,Tommy Skinner,19854
2,Andy Dill,71092
3,Bob Twichell,19569
4,Brett Maxwell,63167
4,Mark Moore,59965
7,Matt Peace,28150
7,Kim Coghill,29761
7,John Hawxby,48373
10,Joshua Franklin,60617
10,Rick Dunkin,52146
10,Tom Vandenberg,14090
13,Logan Bradford,59963
13,Keith Alyea,16544
13,Brandon Mosak
16,Chris Gartland,12783
16,Luis Ramirez
16,Travis Lancaster,48275
16,Jon Leetz
19,Danielle Alexander,53111
19,Laura Sell
21,Collin Fiol,80541
21,Rachel Moore,77774
23,Kevin Kirk
23,Peggy coghill,64629
25,Tommy Allmon

Lastly, thank you to everyone who helped come up with and contribute to having this surprise painting done for me. I really appreciate it and was completely stunned and still overwhelmed. It really means the world to me. Thank you all.

No description available.

Reminder last week of pinball league on Thursday at 8:30, and then next week we will have a finals night using the flip frenzy format that we started last season.

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