It’s The Final Countdown! Week 8 of Pinball League is Tonight!

It has been an awesome and fun season so far so let’s finish up this last week and go out with a blast! Here are the standings heading into week 8 organized by weekly average so you have a good idea of who you will be playing with tonight based on attendance.

Overall RankPlayer#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8ResultTotalWeekly Avg.
18Kyle Gartland22222222
1Tommy Skinner2216142420222010813819.71428571
3Matt Peace202426622989819.6
11Bob Twichell28141816767619
5Keith Alyea182018201818189413018.57142857
8Brett Maxwell1414162514229110517.5
7Casey Taylor1224142014209210417.33333333
6Michael Alexander IN22825148249310116.83333333
2Rick Dunkin241610182561810111716.71428571
19Mike Twichell16161616
3John Hawxby4813162625189811015.71428571
15Curtis Jarrard121024464615.33333333
9Dan Trapp18141612221688610615.14285714
10Austin Hill14201814181068410014.28571429
13Ryan Garriott1814131016717114.2
20Andy Milam13131313
11Danielle Alexander121871914136768912.71428571
14Christina Wilson16101910101014698912.71428571
17David Linder718252512.5
16Tommy Allmon131310363612
21Chris Gartland8888

Next week we will have a Flipper Frenzy Finals night that is limited to the games in the bar just like we did last season. 90 minutes of just head to head play with each win adding to your season total of points, and it will be the return of the Championship Mugs for the top 3 placers! See you all tonight!

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