Thank You! Spring Season Announced!

I just wanted to give everyone a huge thank you for coming out and playing in our pinball league this past season! I hope everyone had a good time and is looking forward to more pinball in the near future. Here are the final standings for this season. They were calculated by using your best 6 weeks from the regular season, and adding in a point for every victory you had last night during the flipper frenzy finals.

Also, mark your calendars down as we get ready to launch our Spring Season as well! Starting Thursday, April 8th at 8:30 PM as per usual! Hopefully throughout this upcoming season we will see restrictions reduced, and more vaccines available to everyone, but until we have solid word on those things happening plan to still come masked up and ready to flip! I’m bored at work so I did some editing for a flyer for the upcoming league, feel free to share! The Spring Season will run from April 8th – May 27th, with finals landing after Memorial Day on June 3rd! There is also a good chance we are going to have some North End Pub Pinball Merchandise available to order thanks to Rick this upcoming season, we will update you soon on that as well!

Don’t forget we have the NBA Jam Tournament on March 21st, and our Monthly 4-Strikes Tournament on March 28th so lots of upcoming activities! See you all very soon!

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