League Finals Tonight! North End Pub! Starting as close to 8:30 as we can!

That’s right we have survived another season of Pinball League! Tonight is the finals and we will be using the format we tried last season Flip Frenzy! Basically come ready to play as much pinball as possible in about a one hour or so time frame. You only play head to head against one other person, and as soon as your game is over report the results and get ready to be paired up again with someone new on a new game. We will only be using the games in the bar tonight to help speed things along as well. Every win tonight will ad 1 point to your season total.

Here were the final standings from the regular season, the final standings only count your best 6 weeks from the season.

#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8 ResultTotal
1Tommy Skinner2216142420222022130160
2Rick Dunkin241610182561816117133
3John Hawxby48131626251818116128
4Michael Alexander IN228251482422115123
5Brett Maxwell14141625142222113127
6Keith Alyea1820182018181810112140
7Matt Peace20242662212110110
8Austin Hill142018141810622106122
9Casey Taylor1224142014204104108
10Dan Trapp18141612221681098116
10Danielle Alexander1218719141362298111
12Bob Twichell28141816209696
13Ryan Garriott1814131016148585
14Christina Wilson16101910101014107999
15Curtis Jarrard1210244646
16Tommy Allmon1313103636
17David Linder7182525
18Kyle Gartland222222
19Mike Twichell161616
19John Armstrong IL161616
21Andy Milam131313
22Chris Gartland888

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