Free Play Pinball Tonight! League Tomorrow Night! Sunday Pinball Tournament!

It’s free play night down at North End Pub, at least 10 machines on free play for your enjoyment, food and drinks, and several other machines still available on coin drop!

Something prehistoric is headed to North End Pub tonight as well! The original Jurassic Park from 1993! I still remember this movie coming out in theaters and to this day it is one of my absolute favorites! If you ever wondered how a movie that is approaching 30 years old still holds up to this day read this amazing thread about the special effects in the film. I’ve wanted this machine since I first got into pinball almost a decade ago and finally found a great example of one for the bar. Nothing beats watching the T-Rex actually eat the pinball!

Here is a great video to break down the rules of Jurassic Park, and later this week we will actually be installing a code update that came out for this game a few years ago that fixes some of the original bugs in the code and helps to balance out the scoring.

Jurassic Park

Don’t forget Thursday night at 8:30 PM we will have Pinball League and anyone is welcome to come and join us!

Then this Sunday we will host our Monthly Pinball Tournament at 3 PM, we use the 4-strikes format and should have 25 machines up and running for the event!

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