It’s the best day of the week! Here are the current standings, we will have one game that needs to be scored for a group but I’ll get that added in before we kick off the session tonight so groups shouldn’t change much. See everyone this evening! 8:30ish as per usual!

Player#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8ResultTotalWeekly Avg.
1Tommy Skinner282224287424.66666667
4Matt Peace20202020
3Brett Maxwell162220225819.33333333
1Rick Dunkin61928285317.66666667
6Keith Alyea141819195117
4Danielle Alexander201810204816
7Chris Gartland181610184414.66666667
11John Hawxby14141414
8Kyle Gartland16816164013.33333333
11Casey Taylor141411143913
8Michael Alexander IN161011163712.33333333
14Ron Languell12121212
8Christina Wilson167162311.5
13Dan Trapp138132110.5
15Macy Smith10101010

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