League Night in 1 Hour! 8:30ish Start Time! North End Pub! Anyone can still come and play!

Here are the current standings with all of last week’s results entered! See everyone shortly!

Player#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8ResultTotalWeekly Avg.
1Tommy Skinner28222418529223
4Matt Peace2024444422
2Danielle Alexander20181028487619
5Brett Maxwell16222010426817
3Rick Dunkin6192814476716.75
6Keith Alyea14182212406616.5
9John Hawxby1418323216
12Christina Wilson1614303015
9Michael Alexander IN16101614325614
12Casey Taylor14141216305614
8Dan Trapp13820334113.66666667
9Kyle Gartland16816324013.33333333
7Chris Gartland1816108345213
14Macy Smith1010202010
15Ron Languell12121210

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