I wake up on Thursdays and I just feel like Jesse Spano in Saved by the Bell talking about I’m So Excited! Then I don’t OD on caffeine pills and instead just stay excited and don’t get scared because I get to hang out with friends and play pinball! WOOOOO!

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So anyway…. Here are the updated league standings with the full results from Week 2 in there!

PlayerTotal PointsWeeks PlayedWeekly Avg.
Michael Alexander24124
Rick Dunkin46223
Tommy Skinner44222
Keith Alyea44222
Matt Peace22122
Casey Taylor36218
Collin Fiol34217
Christina Wilson34217
Kevin Kolodziej34217
Danielle Alexander32216
Sam Taylor30215
John Hawxby30215
Mark Uncapher28214
Brett Maxwell28214
Ryan Garriott26213
Dan Trapp26213
Scott Wiedenhoeft26213
Brayton Businger10110
Julia LaLopa818
Macy Smith1427
Here are the standings broken down by weekly average points which we will use for groupings.

If you aren’t going to be there tonight and want to play your make up games please reach out to me today via facebook, text, or email tsskinne@gmail.com to let me know your intentions to play and what game you want to pick so I get you into the right group with your game choice! Thanks everyone, see y’all tonight!

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