LEAGUE NIGHT!!! 8:30 PM at North End Pub!

When I look at how many people we have playing this season at North End Pub I feel like Winona Ryder winning an award!

winona win.gif

Thank you so much to everyone who has been coming out and playing with us this season! I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am! We still have one set of makeup scores that will get entered before we start tonight but here are the rough standings as of right now.

And here is the rough breakdown of weekly average points that would be used for groupings. Again we have one more set of scores to be entered so this will change, but should give you a decent idea where you stand. The group still awaiting finalization is the one with Rick, John, Sam, and Alyssa.

PlayerTotal PointsWeeks PlayedWeekly Avg.
Alyssa Mitchem24124
Michael Alexander24124
Tommy Skinner62320.66666667
Keith Alyea60320
Matt Peace40220
Collin Fiol58319.33333333
Mark Uncapher56318.66666667
Christina Wilson52317.33333333
Casey Taylor52317.33333333
Rick Dunkin50316.66666667
John Hawxby50316.66666667
Danielle Alexander32216
Brett Maxwell46315.33333333
Kevin Kolodziej46315.33333333
Sam Taylor46315.33333333
Scott Wiedenhoeft44314.66666667
Ryan Garriott40313.33333333
Dan Trapp38312.66666667
Brayton Businger24212
Austin Hill12112
Macy Smith2438
Curtis Jarrard818
Julia LaLopa818

Also remember that this Sunday at 3PM we will have our Monthly 4-Strikes Tournament! See you all tonight and hopefully again on Sunday!

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