Congrats to Keith and Thank You!

A huge congrats go out to Keith Alyea on winning his second Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League Championship this past Saturday at Boss Battle Games in Indianapolis! Keith had a dominating performance in the finals and was just one game away from a perfect round. Finishing in second was Andy Dill, third Tommy Skinner, and fourth Chuck Jackson.

Thank you to Nick Squires for creating the league and coordinating the finals. Running the biggest pinball league in the state is a lot of work and Nick does an amazing job so be sure to thank him when you see him at an event.

Also, a huge thank you to Boss Battle Games for hosting the finals. Competitive pinball players can be a winey and cranky bunch, we greatly appreciate you opening your doors to us and allowing us to play at your location. I was very impressed to see how busy your arcade is, and how clean you kept the machines with the amount of traffic you have coming through your doors.

HOPS League will return in March, but until then we will have lots of events going on down at North End Pub still also follow the Facebook page and we will keep you up to date on all the activities we have planned!

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