It’s Thursday, You Know What That Means!

Well, it’s Thursday so you know that that means… or at least you are about to! Typically we have league night on Thursdays, but since we just finished up our season, and everyone is going to have some hectic schedules over the next several weeks with the holidays we didn’t want to make things even crazier. Instead every week on Thursday night we are going to be running some one-night-only special Pinquests! We love hanging out with our pinball family at North End Pub, and we figure we may as well give you some fun challenges to achieve. These won’t typically be score related but instead involve fun things like playing a 4-player game and snagging a pic with those friends, or eating a slice of pizza while you play some Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles and having someone take a picture. Anyway if you are still looking for something to do on a Thursday night we are still here for you! Also, don’t forget we have our next game traveling to us by sea right now so it should hopefully be here soon! We also have our Godzilla Launch Party in just 10 days on the 21st, and our Monthly 4-strikes Tournament on the 28th! See you all soon!

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