Week 6 Results, Reminder No League 9/20, Monthly Tournament Instead!

Hey guys, nice attendance last night and some very close games across the board. Here are the results from last evening and the current league standings with two weeks of regular season play left! The two amigos had huge nights with Dan I. posting up 18.5 points and Craig just behind with 17 points both winning their respective groups. Ron and Tommy were the other group winners on the night all with close totals. Matt and Keith remain at the top of the heap, but with two weeks left it’s still anyone’s season to win!


Next week is the 3rd Tuesday of the month so that means it’s time for the monthly 3 strikes tournament! Remember this tournament starts at 8:00 PM sharp, and cost $5 to play in! Last player without 3 strikes (loses) is the champion, and all entry fee money is paid back to the top 4 finishers!


Lastly, Saturday and Sunday is Main Street Mayhem! It is a two day matchplay tournament. Over the two days you will play 10 rounds of competitive pinball, 3 games per round! That means 30 games of pinball over 2 days! Playing in the tournament gets you a sweet shirt, custom sticker, and a chance to win cash prizes and awesome custom plaques all designed for us by Double Danger Pinball! Signing up for the tournament only takes a few minutes and the format is guaranteed to be fun for all who attend! REGISTER HERE! Below are the tournament banks that will be used and a picture of the official tournament logo that will be featured on the shirts, stickers, and awards!

mayhem-tournament-banks Mayhem White

Main Street Mayhem Tournament Banks!


Hey everyone,

I posted these to the Facebook event page and Pinside yesterday but here you go! I made one slight change as I had forgot to include Space Shuttle, that has replaced Spanish Eyes being duplicated in two separate banks which I am sure is a relief to many of you!

Hope to see many of you at league tonight and at the tournament this weekend!


Week 5 Results & Week 6 Games Announced!

Okay, last night we had a lower attendance rate than usual but that was expected for the post holiday date, next week I’m sure we will see a few more faces back at MSA!

For week 5 Tom Vandenburg and Brian Bauer come away as the MVPs both posting 17.5 points and winning their respective groups! They were closely trailed by Keith Alyea and Darcy Thomas who were nipping at their heels with 17 points each. Tom was the winner in Group 1, Darcy in Group 2, and Brian in Group 3!

As far as overall standings go Matt and Keith are at the top with Matt edging Keith out by just a 1/2 point right now! Here are the full week 5 results and overall standings for Fall Season!

Games for week 6 are Avatar LE, Eight Ball Deluxe, Star Wars Episode 1, Transformers LE, and Spanish Eyes! Since Eight Ball Deluxe and Transformers LE are featured in the Selfie League for September we will go ahead and play extra balls on those two games!


See everyone next week! Also remember next Saturday and Sunday, September 17th-18th is Main Street Mayhem! If you haven’t signed up to play I strongly encourage you to as it will be a very fun two days of pinball. If you really don’t want to play, but still want to check it out I am sure we could use some volunteers to help during the tournament to help report stuck balls, game malfunctions, and other useful contributions. Let me know if you are interested in volunteering, or if you need help getting registered for the tournament!


Mayhem White

Main Street Mayhem!

If you hadn’t already noticed there was a new page added to our blog last week for Main Street Mayhem! This will be a two day tournament taking place on September 17th & 18th at Main Street Amusements. The tournament has been designed for big money payouts to top finishers, large WPPR points, and most importantly lots of fun. Over the two days you will be guaranteed 10 rounds of pinball playing 3 different games each round, that’s 30 competitive pinball games in two days! Custom trophies will be awarded to the top 2 finishers in each division, and cash payouts for the top 4 finishers in each division. I have created a public Facebook event for the tournament as well as this website. Tickets/Registration for the tournament will be done online and I will give plenty of notice before that service goes live. Right now I am targeting about 1 month away from opening the registration. My goal is for this to be a competitive tournament, but mostly lots of fun. I hope many of you will participate!

Mayhem White