Final Summer League Standings!

The moment you have all been waiting for …. okay probably not, but Matt was able to just barely edge out Keith to finish in the top spot for the Summer Season finishing with 98 points, to Keith’s 97. A huge thank you to everyone who came out and participated this season! Full results of week 8 and final standings for Summer League are below.

LPL Summer 2017 week 8 results and final standings

The epic finale of Summer League will be next week when all 16 league members who played in at least three weeks this season are eligible to compete for the LPL Summer League Championship! The Finals Bracket is live and will be updated based on attendance next week. Reminder everyone is encouraged to come and play in the finals tournament. If we have all 16 players show up we can vote on splitting between an A & B division at the time. If it is less than that it really just makes more sense to leave it as one bracket most likely. A reminder that there is a $10 entry fee for the finals tournament and that money is used to purchase awards and as a prize pot for the top two finishers if we do one bracket, and A & B champions if we split into two. Also, plan to be there a little bit later if you want to win it as finals night usually runs longer than an average league night.

LPL summer 2017 finals bracket

Again thank you to Dan and Main Street Amusements for providing us with such an amazing location to host our league, and thank you to all the players who come out and participate week in and week out! I’m always open to hearing suggestions for ways to improve league so if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

Fall Season 2017 Schedule Released!

Yes, I know we are only just wrapping up the Summer Season, but with the chilly nights coming and pumpkin spice in the air it only made sense to get our Fall Season schedule ready (okay that and the IFPA 30 day rules).


We will kick off the Fall Season on October 3rd at 7:30 PM at Main Street Amusements! We will wrap league up on December 12th with our end of season tournament. In between, there will be 8 meetings of which only your best 6 counts toward your season standings. You must play in at least 3 weeks to be eligible for the end of season tournament.
LPL Fall 2017 Schedule.PNGAny questions, comments, or concerns please reach out to me Hope to have a huge turnout for the fall season!

Charity Tournament September 15th 8PM!

As many of you know Houston, Texas was just devastated by Hurricane Harvey and as a result, the IFPA has waived the 30 day limit for charity tournaments this month. Since we are already having a huge tournament on September 16th-17th, I figured why not make it a full tournament weekend and add one more to the calendar.


On Friday, September 15th, at 8 PM we will have a 3-Strikes Tournament to benefit Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts. The entry fee will be $10 with 100% of the money going to benefit a charity cause (haven’t solidified which one but leaning towards an animal based charity like Houston SPCA ). So, for those of you participating in Main Street Mayhem II: More Mayhem! this offers a great chance to get in some practice before the tournament and help a great cause, and for those of you not playing in the tournament, it is a great chance to come down and help out and have a blast playing the awesome games at Main Street Amusements. It has been submitted to the IFPA and WPPR points will be awarded.

Anyone can come and participate in the Friday night charity event so please feel free to invite friends, family, and neighbors! We hope to see a lot of you there!

2017 Mayhem sticker.png

Main Street Mayhem II: More Mayhem! is a private event taking place September 16th & 17th at Main Street Amusements and is closed to the public. Main Street Amusements will be open for regular business hours (7 – 11 PM) on Friday, September 15th, and Sunday, September 17th, but closed to the public on Saturday, September 16th.

Reminder Week 8 of Summer League TONIGHT 7:30 PM!

And it all comes down to this….the last night of the regular season and Matt and Keith enter deadlocked for 1st place but not without several others nipping at their heels in the standings. It is still anyone’s league to win! Tonight will determine the final standings which are used to seed the Finals Tournament next week.


The games for tonight were selected via the survey sent out last week and are Attack from Mars, Batman 66, Captain Fantastic, Firepower, and Tri-Zone…a nice mix of eras and gameplay summer 2017 week 8 games.PNG

Finals next week will be a double elimination tournament, all matches are a best of 3 series, with the higher seed getting the first choice of game or position. The tournament does have a $10 entry fee with the money being used to purchase awards and the remainder split as winnings between the finishers. Typically this night runs a bit longer so please be there and ready to go right at 7:30. The post tournament party is held next door at DT Kirby’s to celebrate the season.

End of Selfie League

Hey everyone, here are the final standings for August Selfie League. As it turns out this will be the final month of Selfie League as we have seen a continued decline in participation. Main Street Amusements will likely be returning to their old Stern TOPS Tournament to award monthly prizes as they did for their first several years of business. August selfie league.PNG

Look for news regarding the September tournament from MSA in the near future. Finals for August Selfie League will be held after our regular league play next Tuesday, September 5th. Anyone who participated in qualifying by playing at least 3 out of the 5 games is eligible to participate in the finals. Thanks to everyone who gave it a shot over the last several months. FullSizeRender

R.I.P 2016-some of 2017

Week 8 Game Survey!

Hey, everyone! Complete the survey by selecting the 5 games you would most like to play for the final week of Summer League which is next Tuesday, September 5th. After that, we will use our final standings from the 8 weeks to seed a tournament bracket to be played out on September 12th, expect this night to run longer than an average league night. Also, remember you must have played in at least 3 of the 8 weeks to be eligible for the tournament. Hope everyone has enjoyed the season and thanks to all the new members who have come out and given us a try. If anyone has advice or ideas for improvement please feel free to send that to

Week 7 Results and Standings!

We had a great turnout and added two new members to the league in Mike and Moses who have come to a few of our monthly tournaments but made the trek all the way from Ft. Wayne to join us for the league last night. As expected Classics Night went fast and seemed to be a hit. This leaves us with just one week left in the regular season and the battle for 1st in incredibly close! LPL summer 2017 week 7 results.PNG

I will be sending out a survey for everyone to vote on the games we play for week 8 either later today or tomorrow. The 5 games that get the most votes will be what we play, if there are any ties we will vote in person right before we start next week between the tied games.