Come for the Tournament, Stay for the Rick and Morty!

That’s right!!!! This Sunday, 1 PM at North End Pub we will be hosting our Monthly 4-Strikes Tournament. We have 20 machines down at North End Pub including the new Stranger Things. Get your WPPR points, complete some Pinquests, hang out watch some XFL and have a good time.

With us starting at 1 PM that means we should be wrapping up by 7 PM or so when Main Street Amusements will be opening and you’ll be able to go and check out their brand new Rick & Morty machine from Spooky Pinball! With only a handful of these on location across the country at this point, it is certainly not a game a lot of people are going to get to see regularly. I was fortunate enough to get to check it out last night and it is an ass-kicking good time.

So again, tournament at North End Pub at 1 PM on Sunday, then head over to Main Street Amusements and get in some Rick & Morty time!

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Team League Tonight at 8:30!

It’s the last night of Team League regular season and next week we will have finals!

Here are the matchups for tonight:

Doom Room vs Pindemonium Drei!
RIP Tommy B vs Super Jackpots
Region Rats vs BYE

Here are the current league standings:

Team Name Wins Points
Doom Room 1 13
Pindemonium Drei! 1 12
RIP Tommy B 1 13
Super Jackpots 2 13
Region Rats 3 21

With a win tonight the Super Jackpots could force a tie for 1st place in the regular season. Next week we will play an elimination tournament until a championship team is crowned and awarded The Cup!

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See everyone tonight!

Free Play Wednesday, Team League Thursday!

It’s the best night of the week! Free Play Wednesday from open to close tonight! I’ll get down there to change the machines over as soon as I’m done with wrestling practice.


Thursday night we the Team League schedule is as follows:

Region Rats vs RIP Tommy B
Doom Room vs Super Jackpots
Pindemonium Drei! vs BYE

There is however a chance that we could be facing some inclement weather that evening that could affect the Region Rats attendance. If that were to be the case we will alter the schedule. We will just play it by ear and remain flexible as we head into week 4 of team league.

With that being said HOPS League is just one month away from kicking back off on Thursday nights!!! March 5th will be the first night of our Spring Season. Compete for the chance to battle the best players from across the state by participating in the HOPS League.

March 5th – April 30th Hops League Spring Season 2020! The Finals will be held on May 16th!

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New Month, New Pinquests!

So, do you think you have what it takes to win the NEP Pinball Championship from Brett? February is here and with a new month comes new Pinquestopportunities. If you still haven’t signed up yet get over to Pinquest and do it, it just takes a minute of your time and gives you the chance to get title shots, free pizza, and other stuff!

We are still running all the games from January (Royal Rumble, Flash Gordon, and Jurassic Park) through the end of February, so if you have started progress on that quest you still got time to get it completed. The Billionaire’s Club will keep running as well.

And now for February, we have Pinquests to complete on Demolition Man, Stranger Things, and Fish Tales! Get down to the bar and take your shot!

Pinquests NEP


Team League Week 3 Thursday Night at 8:30

The returning champs, Region Rats, stay unbeaten with a 6-3 win over the Super Jackpots last week, and Pindemonium squeaked a win out over RIP Tommy B, 5-4.

Heading into week 3 RIP Tommy B will get the bye week and we will have the matchup many are expecting to be the battle of the year with The Region Rats taking on the Doom Room!

Super Jackpots vs Pindemonium Drei!
Region Rats vs Doom Room
RIP Tommy B vs BYE

Here are the current standings:

Team Name Wins Points
Doom Room 1 6
Pindemonium Drei! 1 8
RIP Tommy B 0 7
Super Jackpots 0 3
Region Rats 2 12


Team League Tonight 8:30! Special Title Defense on Sunday by Luke Sheahan!

So we have week 2 of Team League tonight at North End Pub! The Doom Room gets the bye this week, and the other matchups are below.

Pindemonium Drei! vs RIP Tommy B
Region Rats vs Super Jackpots
Doom Room vs BYE

The season standings after week 1:

Season Totals Week 1
Team Name Wins Points Win Points
Doom Room 1 6 1 6
Pindemonium Drei! 0 3 0 3
RIP Tommy B 0 3 0 3
Super Jackpots 0 0 0 0
Region Rats 1 6 1 6
0 0
0 0
0 0
Total Verification 2 18 2 18

Lastly, the current Indiana Matchplay State Champion, Luke Sheahan, has announced a special title defense for this Sunday at North End Pub! He will take on the top 3 finishers from Sunday’s 4 strikes tournament in a Champions Challenge. The format will beĀ  4-player, 4-game playoff, with 3-2-1-0 scoring. Each player picks one game (3rd place picks first, then 2nd, then 1st, then champ) and plays first on their own selection. So if you want a shot at the belt, make sure you are at North End Pub by 1PM to play in the 4-strikes tournament so you can earn your shot at the champion! Also remember we will be watching the Royal Rumble that night and throwing together quite the feast so feel free to stick around and stuff your face.

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Someone bring the title back to the Hoosier State!

Sunday 4-Strikes Tournament at 1 PM!!!

It is our first tournament of 2020 down at North End Pub this Sunday! 4-Strikes format, no entry fee just coin drop on the machines. The tournament will be followed by the WWE Royal Rumble and the typical North End Pub feast/pot luck dinner! Bring something to share if you want or just bring your appetite and get ready to eat well!

We also installed the new Stern Stranger Things pinball over in the bowling alley last night. I closed the outlanes a bit and increased the ball save time. The way the code sits right now you are better off playing for modes and multiball and ignoring the Demogorgon up the middle, but if you do feel the need to battle him just know killing it by shooting it into the mouth is difficult. Our launch party will be on February 16th for that game!

stranger things Launch Party

Also if you are looking to play any Bram Stoker’s Dracula get down to the bar and do it before Saturday because on Saturday BSD is leaving, and Demolition Man is coming in!

Demolition Man was one of the first games I learned to play back in the day and has some of the coolest features in pinball, plus it is loaded with great shots and tons of different multiball modes!

Check out this video tutorial in case you are unfamiliar with it as it will most likely be in the tournament on Sunday!