Week 7 of League Tonight! 8:30

We are in the home stretch of our league! Only this week and next week left and it is still anyone’s championship to capture!

We are in a good news bad news situation with the new restrictions handed down by the governor yesterday. The good news is we will still be able to meet play and finish our season. The bad news is that we will not be able to use the games on the bowling alley side right now, and the games in the Penalty Box room in the front will be limited to one group at a time. The reason for these new restrictions is that the players not currently up on the machines have to stay seated now. As has been the rule all players must still wear their masks. So not any huge drastic changes, but just some small ways that you can help us stay in compliance with the new local ordinances so that we can continue to have a league.

So games not in play tonight are Big Guns, Super Mario Bros., Baywatch, WWF Royal Rumble, X-men, Godzilla, and Dale Jr. That leaves you with 18 games to pick from. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!


Come on down to North End Pub and enjoy Free Play Pinball all night long! AEW and NXT on tv, and of course the best pizza and drink specials in town!

Don’t forget tomorrow is week 7 of league! Just two weeks left! Anyone can still play in league, we start at about 8:30ish on Thursday nights. Free to join, just need quarters for the machines! Have a great day and see everyone tonight!

League Night Week 6! 8:30ish!

Pinball League is back for week 6 at North End Pub tonight! We will get started 8:30-8:45 like usual. Feel free to come early and stay late, food and drinks available, and we are up to 25 machines with the addition of Super Mario Bros. and Ali this past week!

Remember to mask up and wash those hands and use sanitizer. See everyone there tonight!

Super Mario Bros Pinball FLYER 1992 Original NOS Gottlieb Artwork Promo  Sheet in 2020 | Pinball, Super mario bros, Mario bros
Ali Pinball Machine (Stern Electronics, 1980) | Pinside Game Archive

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came out and played in the tournament yesterday. I hope everyone had a good time. It was really nice to see everyone.We will look to run one more small tournament in early December most likely so keep your eyes out for information to come.

There was lots of close games yesterday, and the final game came down to a bonus countdown. It was fun to compete again and thank you to everyone for masking up!


1Tommy Skinner3
2Matt Peace4
3Andy Dill4
4John Hawxby4
Kim Coghill4
6Danielle Alexander4
Brett Maxwell4
8Casey Taylor4
Collin Fiol4
10Kevin Kirk4
11Peggy coghill4

Week 5 Results – Thank you for playing! Tournament Sunday @ 4PM!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to start off by saying thank you so much for coming out and playing in league at North End Pub. It has been such a pleasure to see everyone, and I also appreciate everyone’s efforts to mask up and stay safe while there! This past week was the busiest the machines have been since last February and we really appreciate that. We really hope you are enjoying the new games and that everyone feels welcome at league and has a good time.

Reminder that this Sunday we are going to have a 4-Strikes, group knockout tournament starting at 4PM. I suspect it will conclude by 8 pm approximately. Big guns won’t be in the tournament, but I should have the flipper fixed on Godzilla by then and I think everything else will be tournament ready.

Here are the standings for league after week 5. Three weeks left in the season!

League Night! 8:30 @ North End Pub!

Come on down for league night, it is never to late to join! We start playing about 8:30 or so each week. Food and drinks available, come early, stay late, have fun. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight, as a reminder mask up and wash those hands. We also use SD-90 on the machines to provide for more protection for you as well.

Here is some info about the product. https://www.kaltja360.world/sd-90-faq

Big Guns is also at the bar now, but will not be used in league yet. Everything else seems to be in good working order so see everyone tonight! Oh and if you haven’t voted yet North End Community Center right next to our location is a early voting spot so stop in there before 7Pm if you still need to cast your vote!


Free Pinball in North End Pub tonight! AEW at 8PM! Another, yes another, new pinball machine is showing up at North End Pub tonight at some point! Big Guns! With the great reception Radical! has received this week we figured we may as well bring you some more System 11 (specific era of pinball machines) game. This one is bigger than the rest with an extra tall back box that includes an animated pachinko mini game. Not sure what time it will get there tonight but it is coming at least! The game has a really cool multiball start, and some pretty basic rules but is lots of fun to shoot. Don’t forget you can also check out the brand new Avengers: Infinity Quest Premium edition at $1 per paly, or 3 plays for $2, Black Knight Premium, Spider-Man, and Radical are all also new to us this month! The weather outside sucks, but the pinball machines inside are awesome so get flippin!

Here is our friend Erik showing you some of the rules and strategy of Big Guns.

Week 4 Standings Update

Here are the standings after week 4 of league! Remember at this point our standings now reflect your total points by dropping your two lowest weeks. This will continue through the end of the season so only your best 6 weeks count towards the final rankings. So missing a week or two will not impact you in anyway. Week 5 will be this Thursday at 8:30 PM like usual! See you all there!

Halloween Hangover Pinball Tournament Sunday, Nov. 1st 4PM!

It has been 9 months since we have had a tournament so we are going to attempt to do one this coming Sunday! The Halloween Hangover tournament will start at 4PM, it will be a 4-strike group knockout event. No entry fee or anything like that just bring your quarters for the machines. I suspect we will be done by 8 PM, feel free to come early and stay late. We may even have one more new machine joining the lineup before the event.

More information on Facebook event page if you need it, but otherwise just be at North End Pub by 4 PM when we start this Sunday to play!