Finals Standings!

Here are the final standings for the season! Standings will be used for seeding in the tournament.

Week 8 Results

Remember that next week is our Monthly Tournament, and then finals will be the week after on the 26th of June! We will take the whole month of July off as our summer vacation before we come back in August.

Next week also features tournaments at Wizard’s World in Fort Wayne on Monday and at The Sinking Ship in Indianapolis on Wednesday!

LEAGUE NIGHT 7:30! Last week of season!

Tonight is the last night of our Spring Season! Finals are in two weeks! Here are the games for this evening based on your votes! We are playing Harlem Globetrotters, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Spanish Eyes, Total Nuclear Annihilation, and The Walking Dead. The first 4 games were all clear winners in the vote, game 5 had a five way tie, the games was chosen at random by my girlfriend Alyssa. See everyone tonight at 7:30.

week 8 games.PNG

Finals is scheduled for June 26th as next week is our monthly tournament. Below are the standings heading into this week.

Week 7 results and standings

Thank You! LPL Week 5 Games Revealed!

A big thank you to everyone who came out for the monthly tournament on Tuesday! We had 19 players including travelers from Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and even Cincinnati. I hope everyone had a good time, and look forward to seeing you all back next month on the 3rd Tuesday for the June Monthly.

Also league play resumes next Tuesday with week 5 of our season. The games for week 5 are Captain Fantastic, Funhouse, Monopoly, Spider-Man VE, and Tri-Zone. Bring some friends to come and try out league and have some fun! LPL Sping 2018 week 5 games.PNG

More Pinball Coming to Lafayette!

So as if you didn’t get spoiled enough having Main Street Amusements and North End Pub in Lafayette already there is about to be a new place to get in a few flips…The Local Bar! As of this evening, they will be host to a classic, a Stern Classic to be exact with Steve Kirk’s first design Stars!

This classic game has you literally shooting for the starsImage result for stern stars to set up valuable spinner rips all day long. What looks to be easy will prove to be difficult to master.

The game will be set to 3 balls per game, and only $.25 per player, enjoy this bargain while it lasts!

Also coming very soon to join Stars will be Gottlieb’s Street Fighter II! This game will also be set to 3 balls per game, and only $.50 per player. Just like the video game that inspired the pinball machine, you will have to hit shots to defeat your opponents.Image result for street fighter 2 pinball

After each victory, you can choose an award using the flipper buttons. I suggest anytime you can choose to play a multiball pick that as your award!

Don’t forget to enjoy the best hand-cut steaks in town while you stop in, grab a cold one and play some pinball!

For those of you wanting some tips or tricks on the games check out these tutorials for each on Youtube.

Reminder Monthly Tournament Tomorrow Night at MSA!

Tomorrow night at 7:30 PM is our Monthly Tournament at Main Street Amusements! remember we have 1 hour of qualifying, immediately followed by a 3 game final played in a group of 4. Everyone makes finals, everyone has a chance to win money all the way to the end. There is a $5 entry fee plus coin drop for the machines. Hope to see a lot of you down there tomorrow!

We will also have some Stern Army giveaways!

Image result for stern army