Upcoming Changes for 2018


As the new year approaches, I look forward to our pinball leagues and monthly tournaments down at Main Street Amusements. Our league has really become like a little family to me in Lafayette and I appreciate all of our nights down there together competing and having fun. My emphasis is on fun and good times and I hope everyone else has them as well. I would greatly appreciate feedback and input from you guys and gals, the other members of our league, as we head into the next season in regards to anything you would like to see changed to help make the league and monthly tournaments more enjoyable.

The big change for next year is the IFPA (the group who we submit results to, in charge of rankings) is requiring a $1 fee, per player, per event, when submitting results starting in January. Because of this new fee, I have looked at ways to increase our point earnings for events so we are literally getting more bang for our buck. Here is an analysis by former league member, Phil Grimaldi, on the actual impact of the $1 fee.

For league everything will remain mostly the same, except now our finals will be split into divisions (to be determined by survey results and feedback).

For our monthly tournaments, I have have found a way thanks to David Yopp, a tournament director from Tennessee, to increase our points, participation, and hopefully fun. Instead of playing a 3-strikes format where some players are done within 3 games, we will now have a time-based qualifying where players play head to head just like we would normally do, at the end of the time (to be determined by survey results and feedback), players are grouped into divisions and have a finals. This allows everyone to participate for the full evening.

Please if there is every anything bothering anyone about our league or our tournaments feel free to reach out and share your concerns. I have made a survey below of questions that I would like input on for the next season as well as our tournaments for 2018. There is also a blank area for anything you would like to write about at the end. The survey is completely anonymous. I hope to hear from a lot of you about things you would like to see. Thank you as always for playing in our leagues, and thank you to Dan for providing us such a great place to play.


Congrats to Matt, Fall League Champion!

Matt Peace has repeated as Lafayette Pinball League Champion and continues his hot streak! As we prepare to head into the all-important IFPA State Championships just over a month away he is piecing together quite the win streak. Matt finished the night strong with a double sweep of Tommy Skinner in the finals 2-0, 2-0 with wins on Game of Thrones (2x), The Walking Dead, and Spider-Man. Tom Vandenberg came in third and Dan Isaacson 4th to round out the finalists. As Always thank you to everyone who came out and played this season. We hope you had a ton of fun, and to see you all in next week for our monthly tournament, and then in January for the start of Winter Season. Full results are below.

LPL Fall 2017 finals full results

LPL Fall 2017 Finals Results

Don’t forget next Tuesday we have our monthly 3-strikes tournament starting at 7:30 PM! $5 entry fee, and random games against random opponents.

Also, there is a tournament up at Mike’s arcade in Fort Wayne next Monday starting at 8PM, if anyone can go and support Mike and check out his awesome new place I strongly encourage you to do so.

Reminder League Finals Tomorrow 7:30!

It is that time of the season again, finals night! Be there at 7:30 tomorrow night ready to do some battle. This will be our last season running as a single bracket where anyone can win it. Matt Peace heads in as the top seed looking to repeat as champion. All matchups will be a best of 3 in both the winners and the losers bracket. High seed gets the choice of game or position for the first game. The bracket is double elimination. Plan to be there a bit longer than a typical league night if you want to win it all. remember $10 entry fee for the tournament with all money going to top finishers and for awards. Hope that everyone who qualified by playing in three weeks of the regular season can make it to finals tomorrow night!

LPL Fall 2017 finals bracket

Final Standings

After it was all said and done last night Matt remained at the top of the heap claiming the #1 seed going into next week’s finals! Tom came in a clear second, followed by a three-way tie for 3rd between Dan, Tommy, and Keith who will have to play a 1 ball playoff next week for seeding. They were followed up by Craig and Dan coming in 6th and 7th. At the 8th/9th place, we have another tie between Danielle and Michael who will also need to do a one ball playoff for seeding, feel free to play that one at home guys and let us know the results. Ron, Mike, Travis, Chris, and Terry Schmitt round out the 10th-14th positions. We have 14 players eligible for the finals tournament by meeting the requirement of playing in at least 3 weeks of the season.

lpl fall 2017 week 8 results

Based on the survey tally it seems that one large bracket is preferred so we will be sticking with that format for this season’s finals. We will switch to the multiple brackets  (A & B division) next season to best adjust to the new IFPA results submission requirements.

LPL Fall 2017 finals bracket

The above bracket is a preview based on all 14 players showing up next Tuesday, December 12th for the finals tournament, and is subject to change. There is a $10 entry fee for next weeks tournament. The entry fee is used to pay for trophies and prize pool. Last season’s trophies will be presented at the finals as well.

Hope to see everyone turn out for finals next Tuesday and good luck to everyone.

Last reminder that the Tuesday after that will be our Monthly Tournament!

Reminder it’s LEAGUE NIGHT!

7:30PM @ Main Street Amusements as usual! Last night of the regular season for Fall League, next Tuesday, December 12th is finals night. As I posted yesterday we have options for how we run finals and I sent out a survey yesterday, I will post it below again in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet. As of right now, the vote is 5-3 in favor of splitting finals into A & B divisions. Please remind me at league tonight to discuss this as a group in person as well so I can answer any questions that people have. See everyone tonight!

Reminder Tomorrow League Night @ 7:30!

It is the final night of the regular season for our fall league!  The standings are very tight at this point so we should have an exciting evening. We will draw the game of the week randomly before start tomorrow night. The following Tuesday, December 12th, will be our league finals night! Plan to spend a bit of extra time down there that evening as the finals typically last a bit longer. We can also discuss if you guys would rather have finals as one large bracket or split the finalist in half between an A & B division.

Splitting would likely speed up the finals night, and it increases the WPPR point value of the league season. Keeping it as one bracket has the advantage of anyone could end up winning and we are one large group playing together. I’m fine with whatever people prefer, a survey is posted below to share your opinion if you care at all.