Selfie Finals Tonight 8:30 PM & Team League Update

Just your friendly reminder that the January Selfie Tournament finals will be tonight at about 8:30 PM. Top 8 get to play in finals, but we already know Matt Peace can’t make it and neither can Kim Coghill so that makes Tom Vandenberg the 8th seed and John Hawxby the first alternate. 4 strike tournament, 2 strikes per group.

NEP January Standings.PNG

Here are the current Team League Standings as well after two weeks. This week the Region Rats and the Doom Room will face each other in a make-up match from last week having both teams play doubleheaders this week.

Pindemonium Zwei will face the Doom Room, the Region Rats battle Pull & Pray, and RIP Tommy B looks to return to winning form against the Super Jackpots.

Team League Standings


Selfie Tournament

This is just your friendly reminder that you have until Thursday night to get in scores for the January Selfie Tournament on Royal Rumble and Stars. The top 8 qualifiers are invited to play in the 4-strikes tournament the following Monday night. Below are the current standings. If anyone in the top 8 can’t make it we will move down the list of names.

nep january standings

February Selfie Tournament will start on Friday! The games for February will be the brand new Monster Bash Remake that is featured out in the bowling alley, it is $.75 per game, or buy 3 get 1 free. There is a nice tutorial video below.

Image result for monster bash remake

The second game for February will be the Classic Stern Stingray!

Image result for stingray pinball

A beautiful machine.

Congrats and Thank You!

A huge thank you to everyone who made the trek down to North End Pub yesterday for our first monthly tournament. I personally really appreciate you taking your time to travel and play pinball at the bar, and hope everyone had a great event. Congratulations to Keith Alyea on winning the 4-Strikes tournament with huge back to back wins on Indy 500 and Prospector to clinch the victory. We also had a few first-time players in Chris Dean and Kaleb Wilken who put up great performances and hope to see you both playing in more tournaments in the near future.

Remember next week’s tournament for the Indianapolis/Lafayette Super Circuit will be at Fountain Square Brewery in Indianapolis. Details can be found here.

Congrats to David Linder on drawing #30 and winning the Royal Rumble Elimination Challenge as well.

Don’t forget that Wednesday is FREE PLAY night at North End Pub and you have until Thursday night to get your selfie scores submitted for Royal Rumble and Stars, the selfie finals will be next Monday night.

NEP January Standings.PNG

And don’t forget that Thursday night is Team League night, see everyone there!

TEAM LEAGUE IS BACK!!! Thursdays 8PM @ North End Pub

ttc header

Get down to North End Pub tonight for FREE PLAY Wednesday and your last chance at getting in practice before tomorrow night when TEAM LEAGUE returns! As of right now, I believe we have at least 6 teams that are playing for the cup this year.

  • Super Jackpots – Tommy, Kaleb, Josh, John, and Alyssa
  • Casey’s Team – Casey, Ed, and Carla
  • Region Rats – Phil Mowers, Travis Lancaster, Mark Uncapher, Matt Tozcek, Brad Smith, & Nick Beach
  • Sam’s Team – I’m assuming Sam has assembled a team
  • Keith’s Team – Keith, Janet, Danielle, and Michael
  • Doom Room – I’m assuming the Doom Room will assemble a force to be reckoned with by Thursday.

If anyone else wants in we can place you on other teams or still arrange for a new team to be scheduled into the league. We will play on Thursday nights starting a bit after 8:00 PM. As always players are encouraged to eat, drink, and be cheer on your teammates. This league is designed to be relaxing and fun.

Team League Scorings is explained below, 9 points are available per match. The team with most points is the winner. Final Season standings are determined by best record, and ties are broken by total team points earned during the season.

Team 1 (home)____________________ Team 2(away)____________________
Game 1: One vs One 1 point. Home team picks game.
Game 2: One vs One 1 point. Away team picks game.
Game 3: Doubles, two vs two, 2 points. Home team picks game.
Game 4: Split-Flipper doubles, 2 points. Away team picks game.
Game 5: Relay Race3 points. Home team picks game.
Total Points

Doubles, the game is played as a 4 player game. Add up the scores of players from the same teams, team with most points wins. Split-flipper, the game is played as a 2 player game, each team sends up 2 players, but each player may only control one flipper.

Relay race, a different player from each team must play each ball, on a 5 ball game players may play more than once.


Selfie Standings & Sunday Tournaments!

Remember this Sunday at 4 PM we will have the first monthly 4-strikes tournament at North End Pub! $1 Entry fee + coin drop for the machines. Anyone can play that is 21 and up. Also, there will be a fun ladder elimination tournament on Royal Rumble at the conclusion of the 4 strikes tournament, and we will be watching the WWE Royal Rumble event as well as having food. Feel free to bring a dish to share for the dinner, and as always food and drinks are available from the bar as well.

Here are the current selfie standings, you have 8 days left to get your scores in! Finals will take place on Monday, February 4th, the top 8 qualifiers are invited to play and if any of them can’t attend we move down the list.

NEP January Standings.PNG


Selfie Update and Royal Rumble Party!

Here are the updated standings for the January Selfie Tournament! Remember today is FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY! A great night to get down to North End Pub and play some free pinball, east some amazing pizza, and get those scores in for the selfie tournament on Stars and Royal Rumble. Finals will be the first Monday night in February, you have two more weeks to improve those scores!

nep january standings

Also, a reminder that this coming Sunday there is the 7th Anniversary Party and Pinball Tournament at Main Street Amusements, the tourney will start at 7:30 PM.

The following Sunday, January 27th, there will be two pinball tournaments at North End Pub as well as a watch party for the WWE Royal Rumble! The tournament will start at 4PM on Sunday, and be 4 strikes knockout. Then during the Royal Rumble, we will host our own version of that on Royal Rumble Pinball Machine as well using a ladder knockout format. Won’t be worth a lot of points but should be pretty damn fun, going to take a bit of luck to win that one. Feel free to bring some food to share that night as we usually do a bit of a pot luck style dinner for the event. Hope to see everyone there!

Related image



Team League Update!

A reminder that Team League is just two weeks away! We start on January 24th. A team needs to have a minimum of 3 players but can expand up to 6 players so you have subs or just take turns playing. So far we have two registered teams.

The Region Rats! This team is composed of players traveling from NW Indiana and some even from Illinois! They couldn’t pass on the opportunity to win The Cup! The team includes Phil Mowers, Travis Lancaster, Mark Uncapher, Matt Tozcek, Brad Smith, & Jim Francus. Welcome to the league guys and we look forward to playing with you.

The Double Super Jackpots! This team is composed of a few of your returning Team League champions including Josh Burton and Tommy Skinner, they will be joined by Kaleb Wilken this season with the possibility of more teammates to come. They got a drink of The Cup last season and are thirsty for more!

taste the cup


If you have a group of friends that you would like to form a team with reach out to me and let me know so we can get you signed up and scheduled in for battle this year. or text 574-596-2668 to get your team registered!