Summer Season 2017 Schedule Released

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Just looking to get a bit ahead of the game here as I have some spare time at work today. I went ahead and got us all scheduled out and submitted to the IFPA for our Summer Season. We will look to start June 27th and end on September 12th. We will take off the week of the 4th of July. This means that after finals on May 23rd we will take a month off from league play. During that time we will still have Selfie League running, as well as our June Monthly tournament on the 20th. All the information is available on our calendar page, and is listed below as well. Let me know if anyone has any questions.

LPL Summer 2017 Schedule.PNG

Finals Night Remains 5/23/2017 as Originally Scheduled!

Alright everyone after having the survey up for a few days it seems there is no significant difference in attendance on which date finals is held for our Spring Season. As a result I’ve decided we will just play our finals tournament on 5/23/2017 as originally scheduled. I know this date didn’t work for everyone, but none of our proposed dates did so it seems best to stick with the scheduled date that we have had for three months at this point.

Finals night please arrive as close to 7PM as possible so we are sure to start right on time as finals can run a little longer than your average league night. We will split into two brackets A & B (I think this may also speed the tournament up a bit). You will be seeded in your bracket based on your points accumulated over the 8 weeks of season. You will then be paired up in a best of 3, head to head match. Higher seed gets choice on of game or position first, then lower seed for game two, and back to higher seed if there is need for a game three. It will be a double elimination bracket. That means even if you lost in the first round you could come all the way back through to the finals and still win it all. If we have an odd number of players in each bracket the highest seed(s) will get the bye. There will be trophies for the winner of each division and a cash payout for the top two finishers in each division as well. There is a $10 entry fee, and all money is paid back out to those top finishers.


Again apologies to anyone who can’t attend finals evening, but there is always next season…..speaking of which I’m going to get on scheduling that right now.

See you all next Tuesday for our monthly tournament and then see most of you the following week for finals.


May Selfie League Standings

Here are the standings so far for Selfie League in May. Reminder that you can play any of these games at any time during the month and submit your scores via email to me, text message, or upload them on the website all on your own. If you have any questions or need any help figuring out how to participate please let me know. -Tommy

may selfie league standings 5-12

Week 8 Results, Next Week is Monthly Tournament Reminder

And that’s a wrap on the Spring 2017 regular season. Finishing at the top of the heap and Week 8 MVP is Matt Peace with a dominating 108.5 points on the season and back to back 19 point weeks to close it out.

Perfect Attendance Awards going out to Matt, Tom, Keith, Craig, and Terry! Thanks for always showing up guys!

Andy just edged out Joe 85 to 81 points for the Rookie of the Season Award.

Danielle is Female MVP of Spring 2017, and gets bonus props from me as the only player in the league playing for two every week!

Full results and standings below:

lpl spring 2017 week 8 results

Lastly it was brought to my attention that finals date of 5/23/2017 may not work for several league members. As a result and in an attempt to accommodate as many members as possible I have created a short survey. Please complete by FRIDAY this week (basically the next 48 hours). Select all dates on the survey that you could attend. We will hold finals on the night that allows the greatest number of participants. We will also split finals into A & B divisions, top half from season standings in A and lower half in B. The Survey is below, and will also be emailed and Facebooked out. If you see or talk to other members please remind them to also complete it as I’d like to make the best decision possible.

Reminder that next week will be our 3-Strikes monthly tournament brought to you by Lafayette Brewing Company. Tournament starts promptly at 8PM and there is a $5 entry fee, with all money paid back out to the top 4 finishers. Bring anyone down as we always love for some new people to participate. Don’t forget to get a meal in before or after the tournament, and try some of their fresh brewed root beer or cream soda.

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Reminder League Tonight 7:30!

Get the boats ready so you can row on down to MSA tonight by 7:30 for the final week of our regular season! The points accumulated over the course of the 8 weeks (only count your best 6 weeks really) are used to place you in a seeded bracket for our finals night. The top half of players will be seeded in A division, and the lower half will be seeded within B division for that night.

Tonight’s games are Medieval Madness, Theatre of Magic, Spider-Man, The Big Lebowski, and Captain Fantastic.

lpl spring 2017 week 8 games

Don’t forget that next week, May 16th is our 3-strikes monthly tournament at 8PM.


May Selfie League Games Announced

Sorry for the delay in getting this organized but the Selfie League games for May 2017 are Captain Fantastic, Medieval Madness, Metallica Pro, Spider-Man Vault Edition, and Theatre of Magic. Play any of the games at any time in the month of May and take a picture of your score. You can submit it yourself at MatchPlay or feel free to email or text me your score as well and I can get them entered. Finals night is played at the beginning of the following month. Again if anyone has questions about Selfie League please don’t hesitate to ask.


Selfie League games May 2017