Free Play Wednesday is Here! League Thursday Night! Tournament Sunday at 3PM!

That’s right folks, you know it’s your favorite day of the week! Free Play Wednesday at North End Pub! 10+ machines on free play in the bar area, and some of the newest games on the market still available on coin drop including Avengers: Infinity Quest by Stern, Hot Wheels by American Pinball, and Guns N’ Roses from Jersey Jack Pinball! Don’t forget we have a Pinball League that plays on Thursday nights at 8:30 and anyone can join, we have two weeks left in the season so come on out and see what it is about, and also this Sunday we have our monthly 4-strikes tournament. No cost to join league or the tournament just the quarters needed for the machines.

Here is a rules chart to help you understand some of the basicas on GNR.

Here is another pinball forum where some of the more intricate parts of GNR are explained.

Also, one of the best players in the world has been putting out some tutorials on Avengers showing you how to best use the gems and get further in the game while blowing up the score so take a look. These videos really have helped me to understand a better way to approach the game.

Sunday, February 28th Monthly Tournament Starts at 3PM! Everyone can play!

Get your asses down to North End Pub this Sunday for our Monthly 4-Strikes tournament! Food and drinks available from the bar all day. The tournament will start at 3PM, but the doors open at noon so come down early to get in some practice as we have Hot Wheels and Guns N’ Roses now added to the lineup and Avengers: Infinity Quest just got a code updates as well! We will play our typical 4-strikes format, no entry fee, just coin drop on the machines. We may even have one more surprise game as well if time allows us to figure out some transportation before the weekend. Bring some friends and lets hangout playing pinball!

League Night! 8:30 PM North End Pub! Drive Safe and Mask Up!

Hey everyone, we are still planning to have league tonight down at North End Pub. Roads around town seem okay so just drive safe and remember to mask up. This will be our 6th week of league for this season. Here are the current standings organized by weekly average so you can have a good idea of who your group will be tonight. See everyone later!

Player#1#2#3#4#5ResultTotalWeekly Average
17Kyle Gartland22222222
14Bob Twichell2814424221
3Tommy Skinner2216142420669619.2
1Matt Peace2024266707619
5Keith Alyea1820182018589418.8
2Rick Dunkin2416101825679318.6
5Casey Taylor1224142014588416.8
7Austin Hill1420181418568416.8
9Brett Maxwell1414162514558316.6
7Dan Trapp1814161222568216.4
4Michael Alexander IN22825148617715.4
11Danielle Alexander121871914517014
9John Hawxby48131626556713.4
12Christina Wilson1610191010456513
15Tommy Allmon1313262613
19Andy Milam13131313
16David Linder718252512.5
12Ryan Garriott18141310455511
17Curtis Jarrard1210222211
20Chris Gartland8888

League Night! 8:30 PM at North End Pub! Week 5!

Hey everyone! It’s the best day of the week again! Get on down to North End to enjoy some pinball with your friends. Everyone is welcome to join the league at any point as it is just casual and fun. Here are the interim standings as we await the results of one set of make up games from last week. Remember we are paired up by our weekly averages and not the overall standings as well. AGAIN THESE ARE NOT FINAL STANDINGS FOR WEEK 4! Don’t panic if you don’t see your points yet they will be in there before we start tonight.

Also our newest addition to the lineup at North End Pub should be getting delivered today! Butterfly by Sonic, this should make a great companion piece to go along with Prospector which I know is a fan favorite at our location. We also got notice that our Guns N’ Roses should be ready very soon and we sent in the last payment for it a few days ago, we are definitely going to have some sort of a launch party when that thing arrives!

Butterfly Playfield
Butterfly Flyer, Front

Pinball League Night 8:30 North End Pub! Anyone Can Play!

Tonight marks the halfway point in our season! Anyone can still join, and it will barely impact you in the standings anyway since you drop your two lowest weeks anyway! Anyone is welcome as always come early, stay late, and have fun. If you have questions about games ask and someone will be there ready to help you out as we are all about getting better and having fun while we play. Food and drinks available as always, see everyone tonight!

Image result for excited gif

Here are the current standings, I have it organized by our weekly average so you can get a good idea of who you will be playing with tonight based on attendance, but also see your overall ranking on the far left. Any questions just let me know!

RankingNameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total (2 weeks dropped)Overall TotalWeekly Average
2Matt Peace202426267023.33333333
6Kyle Gartland22222222
1Bob Twichell2814284221
8Keith Alyea182018205618.66666667
3Michael Alexander IN22825255518.33333333
6Tommy Skinner221614225217.33333333
8Austin Hill142018205217.33333333
4Rick Dunkin241610245016.66666667
4Casey Taylor122414245016.66666667
11Dan Trapp181416184816
11Ryan Garriott1814183216
10Christina Wilson161019194515
14Brett Maxwell141416164414.66666667
11Danielle Alexander12187183712.33333333
15Andy Milam13131312
17Curtis Jarrard12121212
15John Hawxby481313258.333333333
18Chris Gartland8888
19David Linder7777
Standings after Week 3

LEAGUE NIGHT WOOOO! 8:30 North End Pub!

Ric Flair GIFs | Tenor

Just in case it slipped anyone’s mind it’s LEAGUE NIGHT! 8:30 North End Pub, come early, stay late, flip some games, drink some beers, and have fun! Don’t forget to mask up and sanitize as much as possible. Everything should be playing well and a few of the games got cleaned and waxed so be ready for some brutally fast playing machines!

Tournament on Sunday! 3 PM Start!

Hey Everyone! We will have a monthly 4-strikes tournament at North End Pub this Sunday at 3PM! Anyone is welcome to come and play, no cost to participate other than the quarters for the machines. We have 25 machines that will be in the tournament, food and drinks available from the bar all day long, and sports on the TVs. Come down and hang out and have a good time!