Indiana IFPA State Championships Jan. 20th, 2018 hosted by Centerpoint Brewing

This year the Indiana IFPA State Championships will be hosted at Centerpoint Brewing in Indianapolis. The tournament date has moved up this year and is now on January 20th. Bud is the operator at the location which opened about 6 months ago and features lots of great titles. Centerpoint is located at 1125 E Brookside Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46202. The doors will open at 11 AM for 1 hour of practice, and the tournament will start promptly at noon.


There will be at least 10 machines available on the day of the tournament. Their current lineup includes Aerosmith Pro, Spider-Man VE, Game of Thrones Pro, Ghostbusters Pro, Medieval Madness Remake, The Getaway: High Speed II, and World Cup Soccer. The lineup could of course change as it is a public location and we will do our best to notify everyone if/when that happens.

As always this tournament invites the top 16 players in the state to compete against one another in best of 7, head to head series of matches until we crown a new IFPA State Champion. There is a $20 entry fee per player, $16 is subtracted from the pot to pay for the new IFPA tournament fee ($1 per player), and then the rest is awarded in cash prizes to the top 3 finishers.  Tons of more information is available on the IFPA Website regarding the State Championship Series (SCS) if you have any questions feel free to check there or reach out directly to me. If you are currently ranked in Indiana lookout for an email in the first week of January inviting you to participate. Good luck in the final two months of the year in making moves in the standings! See everyone in Indianapolis in January!



Week 3 Results! Week 4 Game is The Walking Dead!

Week 3 full results are in and standings are updated. Terry Schmitt rejoins us and comes in and kicks ass putting up 16 points winning group 3 on the night. We got a new member, Mr. Jake Dickover, thanks a ton for coming out and playing with us. Hope to see you back next week! Matt edged out Tom in group 2 putting up 17 points, and in group 1 Dan St. John continued this seasons domination putting up 15 points to win the group on the night.

lpl fall 2017 week 3 results

Thanks for a great turnout, and hope to see everyone next week for week 4! It being Halloween Night I think it is only fair that we play The Walking Dead as our common game next week, kill those zombies!

the walking dead gif.gif

Here are a couple of great tutorials for The Walking Dead pinball machine.

Costumes strongly encouraged!

Monthly Tournament Results and League Night Reminder

Congrats to Matt on winning the monthly tournament last week, and thanks to everyone who came out and played! After getting feedback on the new format it seems that old format is preferred. We will go back to our traditional head to head 3-strikes in November. Thanks for giving something new a shot, and for providing feedback so we can try to make it the best experience for everyone. We have also gotten requests to start a bit earlier so that we aren’t out as late on a weeknight, so starting in November we will move the monthly tournament up to 7:30 PM start time just like all of our regular league nights. Mark it on your calendar Tuesday, November 21st, 7:30 PM, 3-Strikes knockout tournament at Main Street Amusements, prizes again brought to you by our sponsor Lafayette Brewing Company!

Also a reminder that week 3 of our Fall League is tomorrow night at 7:30 PM! Game of the week is Attack from Mars so every group will play that game, and the rest is up to the individuals you are paired with. Remeber that you can’t pick a game you have picked in the first two weeks so do your best to remember those before you get there tomorrow. See everyone there!

jaws poster

Reminder Monthly Tournament Tonight 8PM

Title says it all. Get down to Main Street Amusements by 8PM to play in the monthly 3-Strikes tournament! $5 entry fee payouts to the top 4 finishers! First time doing group matchplay. Bottom two players in the group of 4 get a strike. Bottom two players in groups of 3 also get a strike! Good luck to everyone. I’m still away on vacation but will stay near WiFi tonight in case any issues arise. Big thank you to Lafayette Brewing Company for the awesome prize package as well!

LBC Logo


Week 2 Results and Reminder Next Week is the Monthly Tournament!

Hey everyone here are your updated standings from Tuesday!

lpl fall 2017 week 2 standings

Next Tuesday, October 17th, is our Monthly 3-Strikes Tournament. The tournament will still use the 3-strikes format but will now be played in groups of 4 instead of head to head. The two players with the lowest scores on the game will take the strikes. Should make it a bit more of a social event and I hope everyone enjoys it! Starts at 8PM just like always and has a $5 entry fee!

The following week we will be playing Attack from Mars as our league game for week 3.


Reminder League Tonight @ 7:30!

Hey everyone! We will see you at Main Street Amusements tonight at 7:30 for week 2 of our fall league! The common game tonight is Spider-Man Vault Edition.

Other than that each player gets to pick one game to play, the only rule is you can’t pick a game that you picked in a previous week. Also, to simplify things a bit from last week and have more clarity, if you are in a 3 player group, the person who picks game 1 (this will be the person highest seeded in your group) will get to also pick the 4th game. This will prevent us from having to do the math and just make things a bit easier overall. See everyone tonight!

spider man VE