Thursday End of Season Celebration PIZZA PARTY AND AWARDS!

Hey everyone! Thanks again so much for playing in the league this season, we had a blast! It was so amazing to see how much our league has grown from when we started with just a couple machines and only a few players just a couple years ago. Although we don’t have an official league night this week I planned to head down to the bar this Thursday for a bit of celebration and pinball fun! I have some prizes for the top 4 finishers from our location, as well as for those who had perfect attendance this season. I’ll provide some pizzas for everyone down there to eat this night and drinks are on you as I’ve seen the damage some of you can do to a bar tab. I’m going to throw the games in the bar on free play for everyone until about 10 PM at which point I’ll need to switch them back over and head home for the night. Hope to see a bunch of you come on down and hang out and enjoy our new games as well that arrived just after the league wrapped up The Beatles and TMNT! Below are the final standings.

HOPS League Finals Saturday, November 6th at Boss Battle Games starts at 1PM!

We are still figuring out the exact players we are sending to the finals this Saturday but here is the information for everyone.

Right now we are sending Keith, Rick, Matt, Collin for sure. Tommy and Brett are waiting to hear back from their workplaces to see if shifts can be covered. If not we have Danielle, Austin, and Scott as our next in the list of alternates so let us know if you can make it as well!

Here is the list of games at Boss Battle Games that will be used in the tournament.

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Congrats and Thank You!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, and thank you to those of you who came out and spent part of your day with us yesterday at North End Pub playing in our Spooky Pinball’s Halloween Launch Party! Tommy won, Collin finished 2nd, Ryan in 3rd, and Hawxby in 4th!

May be an image of 5 people, beard and people standing

We also crowned the Champions of our Michael Vs. Freddy Selfie Tournament with Brett winning on Halloween and Collin on Freddy, they battled each other on both machines combining their scores to determine the King of Halloween and Collin came away with the victory!

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and indoor
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Lastly, we had our two newest machines delivered after the tournament yesterday! We finally found The Beatles which is a throwback layout with some modern rules and AMAZING music, and also a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Both games are out on the floor now for you to enjoy and we will be doing some rearranging of the lineup down there this week!

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New Pinquests for November will be coming later today!


It’s week 8! Last chance to move up the rankings and qualify for the finals! The finals are at Boss Battle Games on Nov. 6th, 1PM start time! It looks like we will most likely get 6 reps sent to finals! I can’t attend so cross my name off the list and see where you stand from there. Remember only your best 6 weeks count in the final standings so you are looking at the adjusted points. Here is where we sit after week 7! League will start about 8:30 tonight, if anyone is running late or anything just shoot me a message and we will be sure to get you in a group! Any make up games have to be in by this Sunday as that is the last chance for this season so if you can’t be there tonight make arrangements with me so we have time to finalize standings and get our reps figured out! See everyone tonight!


Get on down to North End Pub tonight and enjoy some FREE PLAY Pinball! It’s the last chance to get in some practice before we have the final night of league tomorrow! Also, Freddy: Nightmare on Elm Street and Dale Jr. pinball will both be leaving us after this weekend so if you love those games make sure you get a few extra games in on them before they disappear! Also remember any scores you get on Halloween or Freddy can be posted in our tournament! The high score on each machine wins a special blanket!

Price Plate for Bally Coin Door (FREE PLAY)

League Night Thursday @ 8:30 PM! Sunday is Halloween Launch Party @ 1PM!

Hey everyone! Get ready for our last night of the pinball league season this Thursday! 8:30 PM like usual! There are several of you who have played two weeks so far so if you can show up this week and play for your 3rd time you get counted in our player count and help us get greater representation at the finals! As of right now, we will be sending 6 players to the finals which are on Saturday, Nov. 6th at Boss Battle Games at 1PM! If you’re near the top of the rankings get ready to go and represent North End Pub! We have had two champions in the past and it’s time to make it a third!

Big Lebowski: Ranking the 20 best characters |

Then this Sunday we have a special Launch Party for our Halloween by Spooky Pinball! The tournament will be a 2 hours flip frenzy format! The finals will be played on the Halloween machine itself. Spooky Pinball was kind enough to send us a sweet swag box of prizes to give away as well so get on down and be ready to have some flippin’ fun!

We will also have the finals for our Freddy vs Michael tournament! Remember you can enter this tournament at any time just by submitting a picture of your score! The high score on each machine will win a blanket featuring either Freddy or Michael and the finalists will have a playoff to see who is the King/Queen of Spooky Season!

We also have two new games arriving at some point on Sunday! We don’t know exactly what time yet, but I’m incredibly excited to share these ones with you! We love trying to bring you new games to enjoy at North End Pub! Thank you so much to everyone who has been coming out and enjoying pinball with us!

League Night! 8:30 PM Week 7!

That’s right! Treat YO Self to some pinball league action down at North End Pub! Tonight is week 7 of our season and the standings are incredibly close! Remember we will be taking off next week for a Fall Break, and then we will finish up with week 8 on October 28th. Also we have the latest and greatest game from Stern Pinball Godzilla down at North End Pub now so plan to get there early and stay late to get in a few extra games tonight!

Don’t forget that we are also still running both Pinquest and The Halloween vs Nightmare on Elm Street Selfie Tournament all month long!

Monster Madness Finals - Freddy Krueger vs Michael Myers

Updated Standings and Free Play Wednesday! GODZILLA HAS ARRIVED!

Hey everyone, just letting you all know that Godzilla has arrived! It is also Free Play Wednesday! Bring your quarters for the newest stuff and enjoy the roughly 10 machines on free play plus all the arcades are free!

Also here are the updated league standings!

Remember that tomorrow night we have week 7 of pinball league, and then next week we will be taking a break since I’ll be out of town on my fall break from school! We will finish up on October 28th with week 8!

League Standings! Thank you! Spooky Season Tournament!

Here are the standings for league after week 6! Casey and Collin still have to play their makeup games so if you were in a group with either of them expect that your scores will still slightly be adjusted. As you can see now we also have both total points and adjusted points. Total points is all the points you have earned playing every week, and adjusted points subtracts your 2 lowest weeks. The adjusted points are what are used for final standings so they are more important. We still use the total points to calculate your average weekly points for group pairings! Thank you again to all of you who are coming out and playing this season! It has been great to see so many of you week in and week out! Also we will have Godzilla here before league next week for certain!

Also, we will be hosting a special Spooky Season Selfie Tournament on Halloween and Freddy: Nightmare on Elm Street! This means anytime you visit North End Pub now through the rest of the month snap a picture of your score on Halloween or Freddy: Nightmare on Elm Street and submit the score to the matchplay selfie site! You can register yourself, make as many attempts as you’d like. The high score on each machine at the end of the month will win a blanket featuring Michael Myers for Halloween and Freddy Krueger for Nightmare on Elm Street and we will plan a little head to head battle for a grand prize between the top two finalists! Big thanks to Casey and North End Pub for sponsoring the prizes for this event! Don’t forget we also have our monthly 4-strikes tournament as well as the Halloween Launch Party on Sunday October 24th and 31st respectively!

Death Battle 11 : Michael Myers vs Freddy Krueger by BlazingFury316 on  DeviantArt