Fall Pinball League Kicks Off September 2nd, 8:30 PM at North End Pub!

Welcome back to the best night of the week! This fall from September 2nd – October 21st come and play in our 8-week pinball league! We play every Thursday night at 8:30 PM, and if you have to miss any dates we can make arrangements to schedule you for make-up games. Hang out with friends and compete against players from around the state! North End Pub is part of the Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League (AKA H.O.P.S). The top players from each of the participating locations get invited to play in the finals at the end of the season. Only your best 6 weeks will count in the final standings. There is no cost to join the league and for the first time in 2 years the league will be IFPA sanctioned and players will earn WPPR points for their participation! Any questions at all please let me know, and feel free to share and bring friends as well!


The kids are back at school, and the temps are through the roof! Get your ass down to North End Pub to play some of the coolest machines in town! They won’t burn through your pocket as there will be 10 machines on Free Play tonight, and another 10+ you can still spend some money on if you feel like it! Food and drinks, yep ice cold ones, available from the bar all night long! Don’t forget to download the PinQuest App and check out our challenges for the month, especially our limited edition quest on Thursday, August 12th for the Co-Op Mandalorian Score!

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Special Thursday Night PinQuest Challenge!

This Thursday only! Come down to North End Pub and have a shot at earning 400 QuestBux! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to play the Mandalorian in Co-Op mode with some friends and achieve a score of 400 million to earn 400 QuestBux! Anywhere from 2-4 players can participate and all will win the prize on the same game. To start Co-Op mode insert coins to credit up the machine, but DO NOT press start. Instead hold both flipper buttons in until the different game modes pop up on the screen, use the flippers to move the selection to Co-Op mode and then press start for the number of players participating! Good luck protecting The Child! If you have any questions please feel to reach out!


That’s right after 18 months the IFPA is sanctioning tournaments again! Today at 2PM we will be having a 3 hour of Flip Frenzy Qualifying tournament followed by an elimination ladder finals! No entry fee just bring your quarters for the machines! Food and drinks available from the bar all day, treat your bartenders well! See y’all in a few hours!

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August 22nd Double Dip 2x Tournaments in 1 Day!

Sunday, August 22nd we will be starting a bit earlier than usual as we are double dipping that day hosting both our Official Stern Launch Party for The Mandalorian starting at 12:30 PM, followed up immediately by our Monthly 4-Strikes Tournament starting around 3 PM!

No entry fee for either event. Yes they will be for WPPR points and sanctioned by the IFPA. The Mandalorian Launch Party will have cake and prizes! The 4-Strikes tournament will have pride on the line!

Reminder Sunday Monthly 4-Strikes Pinball Tournament 3PM!

Get on down to North End Pub this Sunday for our Monthly 4-Strikes tournament. The last tournament before the return of IFPA sanctioned events and WPPR points! We will also see the return of Prospector! Thanks to Michael Alexander for rehabbing our EM baby! The doors open at noon for practice and the tournament will start at 3PM. No entry fee. Anyone can play. Just need quarters for the machines! Hope to see everyone Sunday!

PINBALL LEAGUE FINALS! 8:30 PM Thursday Night!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen tomorrow night is the Flip Frenzy Finals! We will get started as close to 8:30 as we can and we will frenzy for 90 minutes until a winner is declared! The standings headed into finals are below. We will also have a new game debuting just in time for finals!

Player#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8ResultTotalWeekly Avg.
1Tommy Skinner282224182824182214818423
2Danielle Alexander201810282512201612714918.625
3Keith Alyea141822122212201811413817.25
4Brett Maxwell16222010620181611212816
5Rick Dunkin6192814102261610912115.125
6Casey Taylor14141216132222810112115.125
7John Hawxby141813121822979716.16666667
8Dan Trapp13820191410209610414.85714286
9Matt Peace20242016808020
9Michael Alexander IN1610161424808016
11Chris Gartland1816108712717111.83333333
12Christina Wilson1614161410707011.66666667
13Macy Smith101019101010696911.5
14Kyle Gartland1681622626215.5
15Ron Languell121218424214
16Chris Hill IN16161616
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