Congrats to Keith Alyea, HOPS CHAMPION! Selfie Finals for April Tonight at 6 PM @ North End Pub!

Keith not only won our NEP Season Finale last Thursday but he strapped that Championship Belt on and headed down to Boss Battle Games in Indianapolis to compete against the rest of the finalists from around the state and came out victorious on Saturday in the inaugural HOPS Season Finals.


Zach, Danielle, Brett, and Keith representing North End Pub! 

North End Pub represented well sending 4 finalists Keith, Danielle Alexander, Brett Maxwell, and Zach DeWitt. Brett and Zach were eliminated narrowly in the first round but made a great showing for their first pinball competition outside of North End Pub. Danielle advanced to the final 8 on a tie-breaker game, claiming victory on Indianapolis 500. Keith would end up outlasting his 3 opponents in the finals with two second-place finishes followed by wins on games three and four of the finals to finish the round with 24 points and another championship to his name. I truly hope everyone had a blast playing in this season and it heats up the competition to head down to the finals of our next season which will run June-July, the finals taking place in early August.

The selfie finals for April are tonight at 6PM! If you are in the top 8 you are definitely in the finals. 4-strikes format, groups of 4 get 2 strikes, groups of 3 get 1 strike. Play until 1 player is left without 4 strikes. Hope to see everyone there!

NEP April





Here are the final standings for April’s Selfie Tournament. The finals will be next Monday at 6PM. The top 8 are invited to play, anyone who can’t make it from the top 8 try to let me know so we can invite players ranked below that to play.


May Selfie Tournament has started, the games are Indianapolis 500, Dale Jr. Nascar, and Flash Gordon. Start taking those pictures and getting those scores in tonight because it is FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY! Come down to North End Pub, drink some beers, order some pizza, and save your quarters for tomorrow nights location finals tournament where you could become the first person to win the North End Pub League Championship Belt! Wear it with pride until the next season which will start in June.


NEP Title Belt

North End Pub League Championship Belt

The tournament starts at 8:30 tomorrow night! See everyone there, get that practice in tonight!

Last Chance April Selfie! League Tournament Thursday Night! May Selfie Games Announced!

Tonight is your last chance to get those selfie scores in for the month of April! Remember to play any games of Metallica, Stars, and Prospector and either post your scores on to our facebook page, email me or text me and we will get them up there for you.  Here are the current standings, the top 8 will play in a finals tournament next Monday night at 6PM.

NEP April

Thursday night, 8:30 PM, North End Pub will have a season wrap up tournament for our location. The winner will get to rock the championship belt for the bar that they can defend if they so choose or hold onto it until the next season that starts up in June. You will face off head to head against players in a best of 3 match, and the tournament is double elimination. No cost to play, just come and have some fun. Anyone who played this season is eligible to participate, and we can wish our North End Pub representatives Keith, Brett, Danielle, and Zach good luck as they head to Boss Battle Games in Castleton Mall this Saturday to compete against players from around the state to be the winner of the Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League!

NEP Title Belt

Lastly, when one month ends, another one begins, that means the May Selfie tournament kicks off a day early because we are so excited for RACE MONTH! Play Indianapolis 500, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Nascar, and Flash Gordon all through the month of May and post your scores for the May Selfie Tournament! Below are some tutorial videos to help explain the best ways to approach these games for big scores.

See everyone on Thursday for the tournament!

Congrats and Thank You! Selfie Update & Reminder Make Up Monday! Last Chance!

Congrats to Like Sheanan on his win yesterday in our monthly 4-strikes tournament at North End Pub! Kim Coghill finished in second with Tom Vandenberg coming in third. Thanks to everyone who came out and played and supported our location. Join us on the last Sunday in May for our next 4-Strikes even as well.

Here are the current standings for the April Selfie Tournament.

NEP April

If anyone wants to get in your Make-Up Monday tonight let me know! Last chance tonight!

Remember our top 4 finalists get to go play in the Championship in Indianapolis this Saturday at Boss Battle Games in the Castleton Mall! Represent North End Pub with pride and bring home the trophy!

League Night! Last Night of the Season! Tournament Next THURSDAY!

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step on up! Come and battle it out with your friends for the final spots in the league finals taking place in Indianapolis on May 4th at Boss Battle Games in Castleton Mall!

Here are the standings for the league; Keith, Zach DeWitt, Brett, and Danielle look like they will be representing North End Pub at the finals event in Indianapolis on May 4th, but Sam, Casey, Ed and Michael are all still in striking distance. We will play at the regular time tonight of 8:30 so get to North End Pub early for some practice.

Week 7 standings

Next Thursday we will have a tournament night to crown the champion of our location. Your placement for the season will seed you for the tournament but anyone can still win and claim the ultimate prize…

NEP Title Belt.jpeg


Silver plates over luxurious red leather! Wear it with pride until our next season which starts up in June! Who will be the first Champion!?