Week 4 Standings Update

Here are the standings after week 4 of league! Remember at this point our standings now reflect your total points by dropping your two lowest weeks. This will continue through the end of the season so only your best 6 weeks count towards the final rankings. So missing a week or two will not impact you in anyway. Week 5 will be this Thursday at 8:30 PM like usual! See you all there!

Halloween Hangover Pinball Tournament Sunday, Nov. 1st 4PM!

It has been 9 months since we have had a tournament so we are going to attempt to do one this coming Sunday! The Halloween Hangover tournament will start at 4PM, it will be a 4-strike group knockout event. No entry fee or anything like that just bring your quarters for the machines. I suspect we will be done by 8 PM, feel free to come early and stay late. We may even have one more new machine joining the lineup before the event.

More information on Facebook event page if you need it, but otherwise just be at North End Pub by 4 PM when we start this Sunday to play!

Treat Yo Self to League Night!

Week 3 is tonight down at North End Pub! We have a brand new to us game in Black Knight: Sword of Rage Premium Edition, food and drinks available as always, and lots of fun casual competitive pinball. League play will start right around 8:30 but feel free to come early and stay late! See everyone tonight and expect more new games next week!

AEW 1 Year Anniversary Show & FREE PINBALL TONIGHT!

Updated Preview For AEW's Dynamite Anniversary

Every AEW Championship is on the line tonight starting at 8PM! Free Pinball all night as well! We just added Black Knight: Sword of Rage yesterday, have another new game coming Sunday, and two more next week! The leaves aren’t the only thing changing this time of year!

Don’t forget to wish Mr. and Mrs. Coghill happy birthday as they grace us with their presence then next couple nights down at North End Pub!

And lastly congratulations to Austin Hill on claiming his first NEP Championship victory! Don’t forget you too can earn a title shot this month by getting a high score on the any of the new machines we have added to the bar (Wheel of Fortune, Black Knight, coming soon….Spider-Man, Avengers, Radical!).

Will You Challenge the Black Knight Again? HAHAHA

The Black Knight! A pinball villain dreamt up from the mind of Steve Ritchie one of pinballs greatest designers. The Black Knight, or BK as he is often referred to, began stealing quarters from players way back in 1980 when he first hit the floors of arcades. At the time the game was groundbreaking being the first game to market with a two level playfield and introduced Magna-Save features to the outlanes. With the classic medieval theme, great sounds, amazing light show, and addictive game play the Black Knight was a massively popular game.

After having stolen the quarters of unsuspecting kids for years and years he took a break, until the end of the decade when in 1989 he rode once more! Bringing what many consider some of the most iconic music in pinball to Black Knight 2000, or BK2K, again returning with many of the similar features of the original but just turned up a few more notches. The BK having squandered his previous riches returned to one again win your quarters, and that he did.

He was so succesful this time around that many thought we would never ever, ever hear from the Black Knight again as this time he couldn’t possibly go through that fortune he had stolen….But a Knights thirst for coins can never be quenched….and in 2019 the year of our lord he has reappeared in Black Knight: Sword of Rage! This game is fast, it’s furious, and most importantly it is FUN! The soundtrack comes from Scott Ian of Anthrax fame, the Black Knight himself is voiced by famed musician Ed Robertson of the Bare Naked Ladies, and it brings back the upper playfield, the magna save, the spinners, and most importantly you can finally defeat the Black Knight!

The Black Knight himself appears on top of the machine to talk trash to you as you play.

The game can be brutal, get used to back handing shots, trapping up and slowing down, working to stack your catapult and triple knight multiballs, and battling the monsters on your quest to take the Black Knight down at his castle!

Here is a great game played by Jack Danger of Dead Flip to give you a great idea of how to play the game.

Week 2 Standings!

Thanks again for another awesome week of league, I really appreciate everyone coming out and playing, great to see people again! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves, and if you need anything or have any suggestions please let me know. Here are the current standings after week 2.

Reminder League Night 8:30!

Mask-Up and come on down to North End Pub for Pinball League Night! Anyone is welcome. If you missed last week no big deal we will get you added in. If you were there last week but can’t make it this week also no big deal. We play 8 weeks total and your best 6 weeks count in the standings. The season will end with a fun tournament. No previous experience required, free to join and just cost a couple quarters to play the games! See you all down there!

Thank You for Playing in League!!!

A big thank you to everyone who came out and played in Pinball League last night! It was great to see everyone again and I hope everyone had some fun while there.Thanks for following the safety guidelines and wearing masks. One week down, and eight to go! After getting the last game score in just now we have the updated standings after week one below!

We will see everyone again next week, and as usual feel free to show up early and stay late, but expect to start flipping for league at about 8:30 as our players who also play in the bowling league wrap up around then.

Don’t forget also we have Avengers: Infinity Quest and Radical! both coming into the bar at some point this month as well, and if things are looking good we may run a monthly tournament on October 25th, I’ll update that info in the coming days.

Again THANK YOU!!!!