Week 3 for Spring Season 2016 is Tonight, April Super-Selfie Finals Tomorrow night!

Reminder for everyone that we have Week 3 tonight at 7:30 down at Main Street Amusements. Games are Medieval Madness, Monopoly, Funhouse, Eight Ball Deluxe, and Bobby Orr Power Play. Medieval Madness, Funhouse, and Eight Ball Deluxe are all in Super-Selfie league for May so go ahead and play those extra balls and we will include those scores into both leagues for everyone.

Also tomorrow night, 5/4/2016, we have the finals for April Super-Selfie League! Remember the format is a bit different for this as we play PAPA Style in groups of 4. The top seed in each division gets to drive the bus and choose which games the group plays for the night from the 5 that were available in April. The group plays 3 games and scoring is 4/2/1/0….we may discuss changing the scoring format to Pinburgh style 3/2/1/0 if players are interested. I will also take a roll call tonight to see who will be showing up tomorrow night so we can adjust groups as necessary. See you all tonight!



Get down to MSA, play some games and snap some pictures! Qualifying lasts until closing time on Saturday, finals will be next Wednesday evening. Remember everyone who plays qualifies for finals and you will just play in groups of 4 across 3 games. High seed gets game selection or position choice on all 3 games so you are shooting for 1st,5th,9th,13th place to be driving the bus for your group. Can anyone knock Matt from atop the heap? Standings below.

Selfie League April 26th

Super-Selfie League Reminder

Just a reminder to everyone you can play in the Super-Selfie League at anytime down at Main Street Amusements. What’s that? You don’t feel comfortable taking a selfie. Oh no big deal, you don’t have to! It’s just a name for the tournament, if you don’t want to take a selfie you can simply include a thumbs up or thumbs down with you picture. What’s that? You have oddly shaped thumps and that makes you uncomfortable too. Oh no big deal, just include a timestamp on your photo, you know like photos used to have anyway. Here are a few apps that can let you do that all for free! Remember scores can be submitted on your own to Match Play, emailed to lafayettepinballleague@gmail.com, or texted to Tommy 574-596-2668. Lets see some scores this weekend!









Super-Selfie League Standings Update 4/13/2016

Hey Everyone! Here is an update on the standings for the always running Super-Selfie League! There have been some huge scores put up already, but you still have 17 days to improve upon them. Remember we are broken down into groups of 4 for the finals night, and prize money is given in tokens to the top 3 finishers overall from finals night. Also a simple picture of your score is enough to submit a score, you don’t need your face included if you aren’t comfortable with that. Hope to see more scores coming in soon, and contact me with any questions.

Selfie League April 13th Standings

First Month of Super-Selfie League is a Success!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the qualifying and finals night for our first month of Super-Selfie League. We had 9 players participate across the month, and 8 show up for finals allowing us to have a full A & B division last night.

In A-Division, Matt Peace had game selections and started us out on one of his favorites in Twilight Zone. Thanks to a bit of luck on ball 2 Tommy Skinner was able to knock in two jackpots and sneak out a victory with Tom Vandenberg close behind in 2nd, Matt coming in 3rd, and Keith Alyea rounding out 4th. Matt next picked Monopoly where again the finishing order remained the same leaving Tommy with 8 points, Tom with 4, Matt with 2, and Keith with 0 heading into the final game of the night Theatre of Magic. Matt blew away the competition putting up over a billion on Theatre of Magic while the other three players struggled to make contact with the ball at all, Tom coming in 2nd, Tommy in 3rd, and Keith in 4th. The results for A-Division were Tommy with 9 Points, Matt with 6, Tom with 6, and Keith with 0. A one game playoff was completed between Matt and Tom to break the tie with Matt coming out victorious.

March A-Division Finals

In B-Division, Dan St. John had won the honors of “driving the bus” and started the group out on Creature from the Black Lagoon for the first game. Daniel Isaacson finishing in first, Craig Farner in 2nd, Dan 3rd, and Ron Languell in 4th. Dan’s next game selection was Theatre of Magic where he managed a 1st place finish, trailed closely by Craig in 2nd, Daniel in 3rd, and Rob coming up 4th. Heading into the final game of the night “The Dans” sat tied at 5 points each with Craig right behind them at 4 points so it was anyone’s to win. Twilight Zone was St. John’s choice of battlefield and a good choice it was as he was able to finish the night out on top with another 1st place finish, Craig remaining consistent in 2nd, Rob bumping himself into 3rd, and Daniel closing out with a 4th place finish. The results for B-Division were Dan St. John with 9 points, Craig with 6 points, Daniel Isaacson with 5, and Ron with 1.

March B-Division Finals

Again thanks to everyone who participated, and help spread the words to your friends and colleagues to come on down and play. April’s games are Game of Thrones, Captain Fantastic, Demolition Man, Metallica, and Harlem Globetrotters. Most of you are already registered but if you have any friends who want to join send them this link https://matchplay.events/app/tournaments/1710 and they can go ahead and get themselves entered into April’s tournament!

Lastly remember Spring 2016 League starts next Tuesday, April 12th, at 7:30 PM like usual. Hope to see you all there!

March Selfie-League Finals!

The finals are this Wednesday, April 6th, at 7:30 PM. Location is Main Street Amusements as always. The finals are played in groups of 4 using the PAPA format, explained below from the PAPA Website.

The A-Division finals are as follows 1. Matt Peace, 2. Keith Alyea, 3. Tommy Skinner, and 4. Tom Vandenberg.

The B-Division Finals are as follows 1. Dan St. John, 2. Dan Issaacson, 3. Craig Farner, and 4. Ron Languell.

Bob Skinner was initially qualified in B-Division, but will not be able to attend finals this month so Ron has been bumped up into that position. If anyone has any questions please let me know. The finals are set up on Match Play Events, and both A and B Divisions links are below. Matt and Dan. St. John are “driving the bus” with 1st choice of game selection all night in their divisions, and the games must be chosen from the March Super-Selfie bank of games. Good luck to everyone playing, and help spread the word if you see other players there in the month of April about joining selfie-league.

“PAPA-Style Final Format:

All finalists will be divided into groups of four players based on standard seeding procedures. Each group will play three separate four-player games, each on a different machine from among those designated for that division. Each four-player game will be scored as follows:

Rank Score

  • 1st = 4 points
  • 2nd = 2 points
  • 3rd = 1 point
  • 4th = 0 points

Three-player games will be scored as if a nonexistent fourth player received the 4th place finish (i.e., 1st earns 4 points, 2nd earns 2, and last earns 1).

The highest-seeded player within each group may choose either the machine to be played, or the order of play. If the highest-seeded player chooses order of play, the remaining players may choose their order, in descending order of seeding, and choice of machine then goes to the next highest-seeded player in the group. Conversely, if the highest-seeded player chooses the machine to be played, then the next highest-seeded player chooses the order of play, with the remaining players choosing order of play in decreasing order of seeding.

Note that the original seeding of players when entering the final rounds from qualifying is used in every round. At no time does a player’s seeding change from round to round; therefore the advantage of qualifying in first place can be significant.

No group may select a machine which has already been selected by a group in the same round, nor may they choose a machine on which they have already played in that round (unless machine malfunctions have made this unavoidable; tournament officials may choose to provide additional or substitute machines, however). If the machine selected is currently being played by another group in a previous round of play, the group may wait for that round of play to be completed. For example, if one group is playing a given machine as their first machine, a different group may choose to wait for it as their second machine.

When all three games have been completed by a group, each player will have a point total for that rounds in their division. Two players will advance from each group to the following round.”

A-Division Finals

B-Division Finals