Week 5 Results & Week 6 Games Announced!

Okay, last night we had a lower attendance rate than usual but that was expected for the post holiday date, next week I’m sure we will see a few more faces back at MSA!

For week 5 Tom Vandenburg and Brian Bauer come away as the MVPs both posting 17.5 points and winning their respective groups! They were closely trailed by Keith Alyea and Darcy Thomas who were nipping at their heels with 17 points each. Tom was the winner in Group 1, Darcy in Group 2, and Brian in Group 3!

As far as overall standings go Matt and Keith are at the top with Matt edging Keith out by just a 1/2 point right now! Here are the full week 5 results and overall standings for Fall Season!

Games for week 6 are Avatar LE, Eight Ball Deluxe, Star Wars Episode 1, Transformers LE, and Spanish Eyes! Since Eight Ball Deluxe and Transformers LE are featured in the Selfie League for September we will go ahead and play extra balls on those two games!


See everyone next week! Also remember next Saturday and Sunday, September 17th-18th is Main Street Mayhem! If you haven’t signed up to play I strongly encourage you to as it will be a very fun two days of pinball. If you really don’t want to play, but still want to check it out I am sure we could use some volunteers to help during the tournament to help report stuck balls, game malfunctions, and other useful contributions. Let me know if you are interested in volunteering, or if you need help getting registered for the tournament!


Mayhem White

Week 2 Results, and Week 3 Games Announced with tutorials! Reminder next week is Monthly Tournament!

Hey everyone, had another good turnout last night and some highly competitive games, hope everyone had a good time. Here are the standings after two weeks! Matt sits at the top of the heap, followed closely by Tom, Tommy and Craig.

fall standings week 2

Games for week 3 (8/23/2016) are Game of Thrones Premium, Medieval Madness, Monopoly, Power Play, and Spanish Eyes.

fall week 3

Tutorials will be added in the coming days for each of the games.

Remember that next week is the monthly tournament. As always it will start at 8:00PM, cost is $5 to enter, and the format is 3-strikes elimination. You will be pitted against a random opponent on a random game, everyone continues playing until there is only one person left without 3 strikes. Hope everyone can make it!


Week 1 and August Selfie-League Standings, Week 2 Games and Tutorial Videos

Hey guys! Just wanted to send a big thanks out to everyone who showed up for week 1! It was awesome to see everyone again and hopefully we can keep our numbers growing so feel free to bring a friend tomorrow for week 2. Jeff thanks for making the drive and checking out league, glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you coming back more and more.

Below are the standings after week 1. Matt Peace was 1/2 point shy of completing a perfect week which has not happened since we began keeping our stats via PinPortal! Also Joe had to leave due to an emergency, he had not completed Family Guy or Spider-Man when he left, he went back and played those games on Thursday and I will get those scores entered asap, it should only have a mild impact on overall standings.

Fall season week 1 standings

The games for week 2 are as follows Eight Ball Deluxe, Avatar LE, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Demolition Man, and Harlem Globetrotters!

Fall season week 2 games

Here are tutorials for the games in case anyone needs some pointers before tomorrow night!

Lastly here are the updated standings for Super-Selfie League for August! Matt is sitting at the top right now with some dominant scores, who can knock him off?!

August Selfie League

May Monthly Tournament Results and New Game at MSA!

We had a low turnout last night due to some illness and some vacations, but we still had a good time. Seven players participated in the three strikes tournament Dan S., Dan I., Craig, Chris, Matt, Ron, and Tommy. Ron finished the night with an early exit coming in 7th place. Dan. I and Chris pulled out a tie for 5th place. Dan S. and Craig finished in a tie for 3rd place. Tommy edged Matt out in the finals on Amigo for his second monthly tournament victory of the year. Be sure to get down to MSA and check out Amigo before it leaves the store as Dan informed us that it has been sold. Also Olympic Hockey is playing awesome and out on the floor, it was included in last night’s tournament and had some heated battles. Before playing the game decide if you want to play for score or goals as a unique way to mix up the competition. Reminder that games for week 5 of Lafayette Pinball League are listed below and we will see you all there next Tuesday!


olympic hockey


Week 4 Results, Next Week Monthly Tournament, & Week 5 Games Announced

We had another strong turnout last night with 13 players reporting to league. 17 points were awarded to the winners of groups 1, 2, & 3 last night Tommy, Matt, and Terry respectively, and Ron came away with the win in group 4 with 14 points. Also as reminder starting with the completion of week 4 the standings automatically begin to drop your two lowest scoring weeks, as a result there is currently a three way tie for 1st place between Keith, Tom, and Dan St. John. Group pairings are still done based on your weekly average points.


High Scores on the night:

Family Guy: Tommy Skinner

Revenge from Mars: Keith Alyea

South Park: Matt Peace

Spanish Eyes: Joe Stamper

Strikes & Spares: Tommy Skinner



WEEK 5 (5/24/2016) GAMES: Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Theatre of Magic, Tron, Twilight Zone.


Super-Selfie League Reminder! Games are Spider-Man, The Walking Dead, Funhouse, Medieval Madness, and Eight Ball Deluxe and you have until May 31st to get your scores submitted. You guys have been putting up some awesome scores this month and the standings have been moving around like crazy! Can’t wait to see where everyone ends up this month.


May Super-Selfie League Standings

Well we are one week into the month of May for Super-Selfie League and here are the standings as of Monday afternoon! A bit of a shake up in the top 4 from the previous two months, get in to MSA and take some pictures of those scores! Reminder games are Spider-Man, The Walking Dead, Funhouse, Medieval Madness and Eight Ball Deluxe.


April Super-Selfie League Results!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the April Super-Selfie League! We were up to 15 competitors this month over the nine we had the first month which was nice to see. Last night the finals took place with eight participants.

Matt, Tommy, Keith, and Tom in “A” Division battled it out for some tokens! Craig, Dan I., Dan S., and Chris in “B” division fighting for pride and reputation. Matt and Craig would be driving the bus for their respective groups on the night. Before the finals began we agreed to a slight point change from PAPA scoring 4,2,1,0 to Pinburgh scoring 3,2,1,0 so to insure that all three games on the night would carry weight. In the end the decision paid off and led to multiple tie-breaker games being played demonstrating the equal skill level of all the players involved.

In “A” group Matt would pick Game of Thrones, Metallica, and Harlem Globetrotters but only coming away with victory on GoT. Tommy would come up with the wins on Metallica and HG, while Keith and Matt traded out 2nd and 3rd place on those two, Tom had a rare “off” night for him and brought up the rear of the group. After the third game Tommy and Matt were dead even in points leading to a mandatory tie-breaker. Matt threw a curve and elected to be second player forcing Tommy to choose between Demolition Man and Captain Fantastic; he chose Demolition Man. Heading into ball three they were seperated by under a 100 million points. Tommy was able to start a multiball and capitalize on a few jackpots while Matt’s ball three took and unfortunate bounce while targeting the multiball start shot and headed down the drain. Final results for “A” Tommy 1st, Matt 2nd, Keith 3rd, and Tom 4th.

In “B” group Craig chose Harlem Globetrotters, Metallica, and Captain Fantastic. Dan I. came away with a clean victory on Harlem only take a quick  fall into last place on the next two games. This allowed Chris and Craig to battle into a tie for 1st place, while Dan I. and Dan S. slid into a tie for 3rd. Both groups elected to play their tie-breaker on Game of Thrones. In the end Craig was able to edge out Chris in their tie-breaker, and Dan I. finally stopped his 2 game skid while clinching 3rd place from Dan S. Final restults for “B” Craig 1st, Chris 2nd, Dan I 3rd, Dan S. 4th.

Results have been submitted and approved by the IFPA, I may have made a mistake in submitting the value of the tournament but won’t be able to tell until they have posted the points, if I did I will get that corrected.