Thursday Night Team League Returns to North End Pub!!!! 8:30 PM Start Time!

Get ready to battle it out for league supremacy! The NFL season may be coming to a close, but North End Pub’s Team Pinball League season is just starting up! Thursday night at 8:30 get ready to face off in the most fun pinball format around! Compete for 6 weeks and at the end of the season have your name engraved on The Cup forever!


Team League facebook banner

Pinball for a Cause Tonight at North End Pub

It is with a heavy heart that we have a special benefit tonight at North End Pub and Market Square Lanes. 

The Gephart family recently lost their infant son Aiden after battling several illnesses in his short life. I can’t possibly imagine what it would be like to go through something like this. Come down and bowl from 6-9 PM and all money will go towards their cause, and if bowling isn’t your thing we will also be donating all the coin drop from our pinball machines tonight to the cause. So come down and donate whatever you can, however you can as every bit will help.

You can read more details about Aiden’s battle on their Go Fund Me page if you would like, and if you can’t attend in person you can still make donations there. Aiden was laid to rest on December 31st, 2019. We are incredibly sorry for your loss, and we hope our small contribution can help.



10, 9, 8….

The countdown has begun! Only 10 days away from kicking off Team Pinball League at North End Pub! 

Team League is back for the 3rd year and starts January 16th at 8:30 PM! We have expanded our line up of machines to 20+ at the location and should be bringing in our brand new Stranger Things machine just in time for the start of the season. Your team just needs to have at least 3 players but can really accommodate as many as you want to split time with.

The whole idea for team league is to hang out with friends and have some fun playing pinball! The reigning champion Region Rats are coming back to defend their title! We will, of course, start the season with the presentation of The Cup from last year.

If you have a team ready to go let me know ASAP so I can start to get an idea of numbers and scheduling matches. If you still need a team let me know that too and we can start pairing people together to form some random teams. Looking very forward to the return of Team League, see everyone soon!

Team League facebook banner.jpg

Also, the selfie games for January are Fish Tales, Godzilla, and WWF Royal Rumble!


Happy New Year! Happy New Pinquests!

Welcome to 2020 everyone! We will keep hosting our monthly 4-Strikes tournament on the 4th Sunday of every month in 2020, tournaments will always start at 1 PM now, looking forward to seeing everyone come on down the bar to compete!

On that note we’d also like to announce some new Pinquest challenges that are starting today! Right now Brett Maxwell is the current NEP Champion but how long that will last no one knows as he faces challenges from Kim Coghill, Kerri Donohue, Tommy Skinner, and Max Senesac in the coming days. With that being said we have updated the Title Shot Challenge on Pinquest which now features WWF Royal Rumble, Jurassic Park and Flash Gordon. As per usual anyone who completes this quest gets a title shot in a best of 5 format where you will play these three machines to start, and then game 4 if necessary is picked by the challenger, and game 5 if necessary is picked by the champion. Anyone who has previously completed the title shot challenge can again complete this one for another shot at the champion.

title shot challenge 2

We have also created another path to a title shot called the Billionaire’s Club. This quest proves to be quite challenging but as your reward you not only get a title shot but you get to name the terms of the match, the only rule is that it takes place at North End Pub. You must score 1,000,000,000 points on World Cup Soccer, The Flintstones, and Star Wars to complete this quest.

Billionairs club.PNG

Congrats on surviving 2019, hope everyone has a wonderful 2020! We are looking forward to bringing you more Pinquest challenges throughout the year! Team League is back January 16th so start getting those teams ready, and HOPS League returns in March!

Last 4-Strikes Tournament of 2019 starts at 1PM Today!

Get down to North End Pub while we wrap up our year of competitive pinball! The last 4-Strikes tournament of the year starts at 1 PM today! Tomorrow night we have our December Selfie Tournament finals, and that is it for 2019!

In January of 2020 we bring back Team League! Thursday nights grab a group of friends and come play in the most entertaining for of pinball we bring you all year! Winning team gets your names engraved on the Championship Cup at the end of the season. It is the best way to spend a Thursday evening! League starts January 16th at 8:30 PM! taste the cup

Too Sweet Tuesday, Free Play Wednesday, and Christmas Sweater Split-Flipper Tourney Thursday, & 4-Strikes Sunday!

We have a busy week down at North End Pub Pinball! Tonight from 7-8:30 PM we will have a 60-minute flipper frenzy out in the bowling alley area! All ages are welcome to come and play. There is no cost, and you should get in several games over the course of the tournament.

Tomorrow night is the last Free Play night of the month so all the machines will be on Free Play, be sure to get your selfie scores in on Hardbody, Star Wars, and Royal Rumble because the finals are next Monday!

Thursday throw on your favorite Christmas Sweater, it can be awesome, funny, ugly, it simply doesn’t matter! Grab a partner and come play in the Split-Flipper Tourney. If you don’t have a partner that is fine too, just get down there and we will pair you up with someone!

This Sunday is the last 4-Strikes event of the year at North End Pub, Tournament will start at 1 PM.

I hope to see all your smiling holiday loving faces all week long!

Christmas Sweater Split Flipper