New Month! New Pinquests!

It’s December now and not only do we have a huge charity event planned for Dec. 19th but we have PinQuests running all month long at North End Pub!

If you don’t have PinQuest yet download the app and start earning QuestBux that will let you buy some of our sweet sweet North End Pub Merch!

Click the link below to see this month’s quests and start flipping!

Thank You! December 19th Sleep in Heavenly Peace CHARITY Stream!

Thank you to everyone who came out and played in the tournament yesterday! Special shout out to John and Valerie who visited all the way from Missouri, and thanks to Luis for bringing the Indiana Matchplay State Championship out for a defense! John ended up claiming the title and is hoping to make it back in the next month to defend the title!

Here are the full results from yesterday’s tournament:

1,Tommy Skinner,19854
2,Matt Peace,28150
3,Rick Dunkin,52146
4,Kim Coghill,29761
4,Andy Dill,71092
7,John Hawxby,48373
7,Dan Trapp,82838
7,Brett Maxwell,63167
9,Michela Phillabaum,83036
9,Macy Smith,82649
11,Valerie Iriarte,28086
12,Luis Ramirez,82432
12,John Miller MO,35
14,Christina Wilson,83034
14,Collin Fiol,80541

Now more importantly it is holiday time and just like last year we are looking to do big things for Sleep in Heavenly Peace! This charity builds beds for children who don’t have them. Something that so many of us take for granted is that we have a bed to lay down in at the end of the day, a space to call our own. So how it works is Dec. 19th we will have all the machines in the bar on FREE PLAY all day long! We will have a bucket for cash donations, we will have Paypal and venmo set up to take donations, we will be streaming from 12 PM to 12 AM hanging out playing pinball, and raising money. Every $500 we raise builds an entire bunk bed set for a family including the bedding materials. Last year our goal was to build one bunk bed set, and well we ended up building seven! This year we are aiming for two bunk bed sets, and we hope to exceed it! So please mark your calendars for Dec. 19th and plan to come and hang out with us all day long flipping and having fun at North End Pub!

Thank You, Special Wednesday PinQuest This Week, and Holiday Merch!

Thank you to everyone who came out and played in the Stern Godzilla Launch Party Yesterday! I appreciate everyone taking time out of their busy holiday schedules to come and spend the day hanging with us down at North End Pub. Tommy finished in 1st, Matt in 2nd, Brett in 3rd, and John in 4th.

Also, with Thanksgiving on Thursday this week we will be having some special Wednesday PinQuests this week! Stay tuned as we will announce them tomorrow.

Lastly, if you love the Christmas Spirit and North End Pub then damn we have some sweet merch for you! Check out our newest holiday design available on mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more! All items are available from our SilverBall Swag Online Shop!

It’s Thursday so You Know What That Means… PINQUEST CHALLENGES!

No league doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun playing pinball down at North End Pub tonight! Here are the special one-day-only PinQuest Challenges for tonight! Basically play a game one Godzilla’s new code and take a picture of the score, the same with The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s remix, and then play a split flipper game with a friend or a stranger.

Check out that new code on Godzilla!

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GODZILLA Launch Party Sunday, November 21st! 1PM

This Sunday come on down for our awesome Godzilla Launch Party! We will have a Flip Frenzy format for 2 hours of qualifying followed up by a final game between the top qualifiers on Godzilla! I hope to see a bunch of you there and always remember there will be cake! Oh and also a plaque and translite for the champion as well as some giveaways!

It’s Thursday, You Know What That Means!

Well, it’s Thursday so you know that that means… or at least you are about to! Typically we have league night on Thursdays, but since we just finished up our season, and everyone is going to have some hectic schedules over the next several weeks with the holidays we didn’t want to make things even crazier. Instead every week on Thursday night we are going to be running some one-night-only special Pinquests! We love hanging out with our pinball family at North End Pub, and we figure we may as well give you some fun challenges to achieve. These won’t typically be score related but instead involve fun things like playing a 4-player game and snagging a pic with those friends, or eating a slice of pizza while you play some Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles and having someone take a picture. Anyway if you are still looking for something to do on a Thursday night we are still here for you! Also, don’t forget we have our next game traveling to us by sea right now so it should hopefully be here soon! We also have our Godzilla Launch Party in just 10 days on the 21st, and our Monthly 4-strikes Tournament on the 28th! See you all soon!

Congrats to Keith and Thank You!

A huge congrats go out to Keith Alyea on winning his second Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League Championship this past Saturday at Boss Battle Games in Indianapolis! Keith had a dominating performance in the finals and was just one game away from a perfect round. Finishing in second was Andy Dill, third Tommy Skinner, and fourth Chuck Jackson.

Thank you to Nick Squires for creating the league and coordinating the finals. Running the biggest pinball league in the state is a lot of work and Nick does an amazing job so be sure to thank him when you see him at an event.

Also, a huge thank you to Boss Battle Games for hosting the finals. Competitive pinball players can be a winey and cranky bunch, we greatly appreciate you opening your doors to us and allowing us to play at your location. I was very impressed to see how busy your arcade is, and how clean you kept the machines with the amount of traffic you have coming through your doors.

HOPS League will return in March, but until then we will have lots of events going on down at North End Pub still also follow the Facebook page and we will keep you up to date on all the activities we have planned!

Come and Celebrate Pinball League at North End Pub! End of Season Party tonight!

The season has wrapped up for Pinball League at North End Pub so we are having a small celebration of the season tonight. We had 13 players with perfect attendance this season which is amazing! We had 30 players who participated at one point or another! We hope everyone who came out had a good time and enjoyed not just the machines but spending time with this crazy little group. Tonight is a celebration and a thank you, so the machines will be on Free Play in the bar until about 10 PM tonight, and I’ll be providing the pizza, but drinks are on you. We also have a few awards to hand out to the top finishers and for perfect attendance. I hope everyone can make it out for a bit of fun!

Also great last chance for some practice for those players from the league that are headed to the finals in Indy this Saturday at Boss Battle Games!

Here is the game list for those playing Saturday, click any of the game names for a tutorial:

Al’s Garage Band Goes On a World Tour (Alvin G, 1992)
Cirqus Voltaire (Bally, 1997)
Deadpool (Pro) (Stern, 2018)
Gladiators (Gottlieb, 1993)
Indianapolis 500 (Bally, 1995)
The Munsters (Pro) (Stern, 2019)
Robocop (Data East, 1989)
Space Jam (Sega, 1996)
Star Wars Episode 1 (Williams, 1999) – THIS IS THE BACKUP GAME

Also, a small reminder we have the Godzilla Launch Party on Sunday, November 21st this month at 1 PM, and our Monthly 4-Strikes Tournament on Sunday, November 28th at 3 PM.

Thursday End of Season Celebration PIZZA PARTY AND AWARDS!

Hey everyone! Thanks again so much for playing in the league this season, we had a blast! It was so amazing to see how much our league has grown from when we started with just a couple machines and only a few players just a couple years ago. Although we don’t have an official league night this week I planned to head down to the bar this Thursday for a bit of celebration and pinball fun! I have some prizes for the top 4 finishers from our location, as well as for those who had perfect attendance this season. I’ll provide some pizzas for everyone down there to eat this night and drinks are on you as I’ve seen the damage some of you can do to a bar tab. I’m going to throw the games in the bar on free play for everyone until about 10 PM at which point I’ll need to switch them back over and head home for the night. Hope to see a bunch of you come on down and hang out and enjoy our new games as well that arrived just after the league wrapped up The Beatles and TMNT! Below are the final standings.